Starting a diet isn’t easy for anyone. When you live a busy life full of work and play, it’s difficult to make time to craft healthy meals. That’s why meal planning has become so popular these days. If you’re able to take a single day a week and make all of the food you need, then you won’t be tempted to pick up take-out on your way home from work. 

What recipes should you experiment with when getting ready to start a diet? We have a couple of ideas below that’ll tickle your taste buds and keep you satisfied. 

Curried Chicken and Vegetables 

Let’s start somewhere untraditional. You wouldn’t think that curried chicken would be good for you, but the combination of spices and vegetables benefit your health without compromising taste.  

This meal, as created by Homemade Interest, uses curry powder and a plethora of vegetables, including carrots, cauliflower, bell peppers, and onions, to complement chicken thighs roasted to perfection.  

If you want something with a little more kick for dinner, this meal will help you overcome your cravings, while also ensuring that you eat a full serving of vegetables. 

Feta Turkey Burgers With Onions and Avocado 

Do you want to try a recipe that’s traditionally healthy, but still absolutely delicious? Then you have to give The Toasted Pine Nut’s feta turkey burgers with onions and avocado a go.  

Now, a turkey burger isn’t going to taste like a traditional burger. The meat is a little moister, and the texture is going to be different. However, so long as you go into the meal expecting something unusual, you’ll come away satisfied.  

The feta in the burger holds it together, while also providing a zing of taste. The onions and avocado, too, balance the burger’s vegetable count while also adding a ton of flavor. 

Anyone looking to host a health-friendly barbecue will want to ensure that these burgers are on the menu. 

Shredded Pork Tenderloin 

Is shredded pork tenderloin the healthiest meal you could eat on a weeknight? You might think “no.”  

On the contrary, it can be! So long as you don’t drench it in barbecue sauce, it can provide you with your daily protein and a delicious, after-work dinner. Wonky Wonderful’s recipe even includes a blackberry sauce to substitute for barbecue, allowing you to diversify your tastes without sacrificing flavor.  

This meal is ideal for dieters who are moving away from a red meat-heavy diet. While pork still contains saturated fat, a little in your diet won’t hurt you now and then. 

Spicy, Riceless Tuna Rolls 

Want to pick up sushi for the evening, but also want to stick to your diet? You can make sushi in your own home – and you can even make it low-card.  

Hey Keto Mama’s spicy, riceless tuna rolls are a great way for you to indulge your cravings while still getting your daily amount of vegetables. Substitute the rice covering for a thinly-sliced cucumber, and you’ll have sushi that’s both delicious and healthy.  

Cauliflower Macaroni and Cheese 

If you’re a picky eater, or if you’re craving something delicious and cheesy, then why not try adding a few vegetables to traditional macaroni and cheese? And no, we don’t mean adding vegetables in alongside the noodles. Add them to the sauce! 

Cauliflower and carrots work well together to create a homogeneous sauce. You’ll still need a fair amount of cheddar cheese in your dish, of course – but, when you pair it in a blender with pureed vegetables, your meal gets a little healthier. You can experiment with The Food Network’s recipe to see if this meal will satisfy your cravings. 


Salad isn’t the only kind of food that’s diet-friendly. So long as you’re willing to take a little time, you can enjoy all sorts of meals that are good for your health and great for your taste buds.