TL;DR – Our pick: Nutrisystem

Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem provide you with two different methods through which you can achieve your weight loss goals. Of the two, Nutrisystem makes it easier for participants to keep to their diets. 

By Debra Moorhead

Choosing A Weight Loss Program 

It takes a lot of strength to decide you want to lose weight. But getting started isn’t always easy. There are many weight loss programs out there, and not all of them are user-friendly.  

If you’re looking for a program to help you lose weight, you may find yourself quickly overwhelmed by the options at your disposal. Luckily, you don’t have to wade through those options alone. Here, we’ll discuss the differences between Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem, so you can see which will better serve your weight loss journey. 

Weight Watchers Versus Nutrisystem 

Of all the ones available to you, deciding which weight loss program to undertake is difficult. If you’re working all day, the last thing you want to do when you come home is research your different options. 

At first glance, then, Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem appear to be fairly similar. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Each program uses a unique method to help you lose weight and focus on your health. You’ll see these differences in their costs, meal delivery methods, and more. 

Let’s break down the program differences to see which is best for you. 

Pre-packaged food home delivery Yes No
Average Daily Cost$10N/A
Mobile App for Tracking Yes Yes
In-Person Support No No
Average Weekly Weight Loss1-2 pounds1-2 pounds
Activate Offer Get 50% OffRead review

The Program Basics

Let’s start with the way these programs operate.  

Nutrisystem delivers a variety of meals to your front door during the work week. You can make these meals at home without thinking about how much each costs in calories, as each will be pre-portioned to fit your weight loss goals. 

Comparatively, Weight Watchers does not deliver food to your door. Instead, after inputting your personal information, you’ll receive a point cap. With the assistance of the Weight Watchers’ app, you’ll be expected to prepare your own meals and establish your own diet without going over your cap. Exercising can increase your weekly cap, making the point system that the program operates on workably similar to standard calories.  

Nutrisystem, then, controls what you eat more-so than Weight Watchers does. However, Nutrisystem provides new dieters with a strict structure to follow, so that they don’t fall off the wagon. 

Support Through The Programs

Neither of these programs provides you with individual dietary support. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t reach out to an affiliated professional if you need guidance. 

Nutrisystem’s coaching team is available by phone-call seven days a week. You’ll be able to speak with an affiliated nutritionist or weight loss coach if you have questions about your diet, exercise plan, or weight loss. 

Comparatively, Weight Watchers’ differing degrees of participation will net you different forms of support. You may be able to attend a weekly group meeting, where you discuss your weight loss journey with other participants. On other levels of support, you’ll receive the phone number of an affiliated weight loss coach. You’ll subsequently be able to call that number whenever you feel you need support.  

Weight Watchers’ app also lets you get in touch with other participants easily. You can communicate with individuals who want to achieve goals that are similar to yours whenever they’re available through the app. This kind of community support is not available through Nutrisystem, be it in-person or otherwise.  

Program Costs

Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers are two different creatures. As a result, the two different programs and their variations will have different expenses.  

Nutrisystem’s meal plans start out at $11 per day. Your affiliated costs may rise if you have a higher calorie need for the program to meet. However, the basic plan will provide you with 10 meals – not including dinners – to eat during a five-day work week. 

Weight Watchers, comparatively, costs between $3 and $12, depending on the plan you sign up with. These plans include: 

  • Digital – On your own time, use the Weight Watchers’ app or desktop platform to track your point intake. The app will enable you to connect with other participants who have weight loss goals similar or comparable to yours.  
  • Digital + Workshop – Meet with other participants in-person once a week to discuss your weight loss journeys, support one another, and weigh yourself in. Through this plan, you’ll also have access to all of Weight Watchers’ digital tools. 
  • Digital + Coaching – Get the personal attention of a weight loss coach, as well as the digital tools you need to meet your weight loss goals. 

Note that Weight Watcher requires its participants to pay a sign-on fee of $20, regardless of the plan you choose. However, if you decide to work with Weight Watchers for three or more months, with your bills paying automatically, the program will waive this fee.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you get food delivered to you with Weight Watchers?

No, Weight Watchers does not deliver food to its participants. Instead, you’ll have access to an extensive recipe library. With these recipes in hand, Weight Watchers expects you to purchase the appropriate ingredients at the grocery store and cook when you have the time.

It is worth noting that, while Nutrisystem will send you 10 meals a week, the basic program will still require you to purchase your own dinners. Likewise, you may need additional ingredients to supplement your meals.

Which of the two programs is best for me?

When determining the right weight loss program for you, you need to account for your individual concerns. Do you want to continue cooking your own meals, just with additional calorie awareness? Comparatively, do you want to receive weekly meals and avoid cooking until you feel more confident in your ability to maintain your diet?

If you want help finding your dietary footing, then it’s best to work with Nutrisystem until you’re more confident in the kitchen. If you’re already confident in your ability to cook healthy meals, then you can partner with Weight Watchers without stressing about what kinds of foods to bring into your kitchen.

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