Nutrisystem Vs. Weight Watchers

With today’s busy, on-the-go lifestyles, managing your food intake and weight can be a challenging task. Luckily there are a number of weight loss systems out there to help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals, but how to choose among them? We’re going to break down the key components of two different diet programs, Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers, to help you with that decision.

NutrisystemWeight Watchers
Food CostsWith Nutrisystem, the cost of the program actually pays for the majority of the food you’ll be eating.Weight Watchers is simply a food management system, meaning you still incur all the costs of the food you eat
Nutrition TrackingBoth systems have apps available for your smart phone or tablet, where you can keep track of what you eat and how it fits into your goals.
FitnessBoth systems’ apps will link with a fitness device (such as FitBit) to keep track of physical activity and track your fitness goals.
Ease of UseNutrisystem couldn’t be easier to use, as it provides all of the food you consume, with no need to count calories, fat, etc.Weight Watchers only gives you the guidance and tools you need to control your diet.


  • Food Quality and Taste: Nutrisystem provides the meals and snacks you consume while following their system. They have frozen options, snack bars, shakes, etc. The quality of the food is always top notch, as they don’t use preservatives or artificial ingredients. Perishable ingredients like produce and proteins must be purchased separately to ensure freshness. Customers enjoy the taste of the food provided, and over the years they have been able to fine tune their offerings. They have over 150 options for meals, making it easy for anyone to find foods they’ll enjoy. The foods also offer the perfect balance of nutrients, with lots of lean proteins and low glycemix index carbs. You can even get a diet tailored for men, diabetics, or vegetarians.
  • Ease of Following Program: Nutrisystem is probably one of the easiest diet programs to follow. The system controls your portions, calories, fat intake, etc. There is nothing more for you to do than to eat the meals and snacks provided and keep track of your physical activity.Nutrisystem also offers an app called NuMi which allows you to keep track of your menu and order your next delivery. The app also tracks your physical activity, either by keeping records that you input manually or through a fitness device, which syncs to the app and records activity automatically.
  • Cost: The cost of Nutrisystem may seem high at first glance. The cost of the system starts ranging between $9.82 to $13.39 per day, but if you the famous Nutrisystem 40 off deal the price will go down to $9-$11 per day. What you have to keep in mind is that this includes the majority of your food costs. When you realize that you’re paying that amount for 4-5 meals per day, you’ll realize the cost is actually quite low. You’ll also have access to counselors, who can answer any questions and provide support, from 7 am to midnight seven days a week by phone, online chat, or NuMi app.
  • Activity Needed: Nutrisystem allows you to set goals for physical activity and track your progress towards those goals. The NuMi app syncs with most fitness devices (such as FitBit) making it simple and fast.
  • Success Rate: A study tracked Nutrisystem customers between 2008 and 2010 who were overweight or obese when they began the program. Participants in the study tracked their weight in an online journal. After three months, 79% had lost 5% of their total body weight, and 33% had lost 10% or more. This shows that the majority of Nutrisystem users achieve success through the program, some at phenomenal rates.

Weight Watchers

  • Food Quality and Taste: The quality and taste of the food is up to you with Weight Watchers. Weight Watchers follows what they call a Smart Point system, assigning foods a point value based on calories, saturated fat, carbs, etc. The system works by assigning you a point limit for each day. You then track everything you eat and its associated point value, planning out your meals and snacks for the day to stay within the limits. They offer loads of tasty recipes, however, which can then be tailored with different spices and ingredients to suit your tastes. The serving size and its point value are listed with every recipe, making it easy to incorporate into your diet plan.
  • Ease of Following Program: Although Weight Watchers doesn’t actually supply the food you eat, they do make it easy to add up your points and keep track of what you’re eating. They offer an app where you can track everything and plan your weekly menus. One thing that Weight Watchers is known for are its weekly meetings. At these meetings, you have a group leader who is experienced and well versed with the Weight Watchers plan, and a group of your peers who are also following the plan. These meetings are like a support group for the weight loss program. Everyone there is using the program, which keeps everyone accountable for their goals. At the meetings you’ll track your weight, discuss any pitfalls you may have come across during the week, and make plans for how to reach better goals the next week. They also offer personal coaches, people who are assigned to you to support you and your weight loss goals.
  • Cost: The fee for Weight Watchers is of course much lower than Nutrisystem, since they are not providing you with the food you’ll eat, only with guidelines on what it should be. They have a fixed pricing system, based on the level of support you want. To just have access to the program and app you pay $3.07 a week. If you also want to attend the local weekly meetings, your cost is $6.92 per week. For the added benefit of a personal coach who will work with you one on one, your cost will be $8.46 per week.
  • Activity Needed: Weight Watchers uses a system called Fit Points to track your physical activity. This can happen either through your fitness tracking device or by entering what you did and for how long manually. The system awards you Fit Points for certain amounts of different activities. These points can cancel out some of your Smart Points if you choose. This means that for every Fit Point you get for a day, you can add a Smart Point onto your daily limit and still reach your goals, because you’ve burned the same amount of calories as that point stands for.
  • Success Rate: Weight Watchers has a great success rate mostly because of the weekly meetings and interactive tools. People who start the system and don’t take advantage of these things have a lower success rate, but overall Weight Watchers is one of the top diets for staying on track. Average users follow the program for 12 months or more.


Both Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers have proven their worth over the years, which is why they’re still around today. They’ve kept up with the times, developing interactive apps that keep people engaged and making sure their programs are tailored to today’s busy lifestyles. They both have their unique benefits, such as Nutrisystem’s prepackaged foods or Weight Watchers’ Fit Points. It all comes down to personal preference. How much work are you willing to put in? Do you need someone to keep you accountable? Are you good at measuring portion sizes and counting calories? Do you need your diet tailored for health issues?

Overall, Nutrisystem seems to be the better choice for nothing more than its ease of use. You formulate a plan, eat the food provided, and there’s no need to keep track of what you eat. It’s all done for you when you make your food purchase. No calorie counting, no measuring portions.

Plus, if you’re diabetic or borderline diabetic, Nutrisystem has a plan that will keep your health on track. With the proper diet, blood sugar and insulin levels are regulated more efficiently, which can reduce or even eliminate the need for synthetic insulin in most diabetic patients. Having the right food available and delivered to their door could be life changing for some diabetics.

They also offer plans catered to men and vegetarians. This shows a desire to be inclusive in the program that is refreshing. They know that it’s not just older women who need a good diet plan.

If you’re looking for a great diet system that eliminates most of the hassle from dieting, check out Nutrisystem.

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