Swiping Right on Jenny Craig 

Celebrity endorsements don’t make a weight loss brand. With that said, the number of celebrities who’ve benefited from the Jenny Craig weight loss program does turn heads. Celebrities like Mariah Carey and Queen Latifah, who have to maintain strict diets to remain relevant in Hollywood, have been able to use this program to return to tip-top shape – so why shouldn’t you be able to do the same?  

Gone are the days where you need to count your calories. Instead, Jenny Craig delivers pre-prepared meals to your doorstep. Thanks to the pre-packaged amounts, you won’t be able to create too much or too little of the meal you’ve requested. You won’t even need to track how much you’re eating over the course of a day. So long as you eat what Jenny Craig sends you, when the meals arrive, you’ll find yourself losing weight without an issue. 

How Jenny Craig Works

The start of a Jenny Craig diet is about you, not what you’re eating. That’s why you’ll meet with a Jenny Craig coach upon signing up for the program. This coach will schedule conversations with you, based on your schedule, to discuss your food-oriented lifestyle and weight loss goals. 

Throughout your journey, you’ll be able to rely on your coach to help you overcome your cravings. Your coach will also help you create a realistic but effective exercise plan that’ll get your body moving. Naturally, you’ll also benefit from the diet plan that your specific coach provides. 

After the initial set up, you’ll meet with your coach on a weekly basis. Here, you’ll have a choice between meeting your coach in person at your local Jenny Craig center or keeping your meetings virtual, so you can enjoy them anywhere.  

Easy-to-Make Meals Delivered to You

Jenny Craig makes it easy for you to lose weight by delivering your chosen meals to your door. Every day, you’ll have access to three meals and two snacks, which you can enjoy at your leisure. If you don’t feel like having your meals delivered, you can pick them up in increments from your local Jenny Craig center. 

Don’t worry about feeling constricted by your meal choices. The Jenny Craig dietary menu allows you to choose your meals from over 100 options. You’ll need to freeze your meals once they arrive, but you can store your snacks in a pantry with ease. 

Improving Your Kitchen Experience

Jenny Craig does provide you with the meals you need to meet your weight loss goal. However, the program also aims to teach you how to eat healthier.  

After you’ve met your target weight, the program will send you recipe cards, along with a reduced number of meals. These cards will help you discover your footing in the kitchen, so you can avoid resorting to take-out or otherwise undoing your hard work. 

The Weight Loss Process With Jenny Craig

On average, your body needs 2,000 calories to function over the course of a day. People who are heavier may exceed this calorie count by eating foods that aren’t good for them or simply by eating too much of the foods they enjoy. 

The Jenny Craig program helps you create a calorie deficit, by providing you with meals that are between 200 and 300 calories each. Combine these controlled portion sizes with time at the gym, and you’ll find that you have the energy to get through your day, while also losing weight. 

Average Weight Loss

On average, the Jenny Craig program will have you losing between one and two pounds a week. Weight loss through the program, however, will differ for everyone. Your level of exercise, pre-diet weight, and other environmental factors may cause you to initially lose weight at a significantly faster rate. However, as you settle into the diet, you should find that your weight loss consistently stays around one to two pounds a week. 

This slower rate of weight loss may feel frustrating at first. However, it’s much safer to make these gradual changes to your diet, instead of abruptly altering the way you treat your body. Jenny Craig deliberately teaches you that you can enjoy things like carbs, sugars, and other “bad” foods without compromising your weight loss goals – so long as you approach them cautiously and with responsibility. 

Moderation is the name of the game with this dietary plan. Learn to control how much you eat with Jenny Craig, and you’ll find that your health will improve almost immediately. 


The Jenny Craig weight loss program charges you based on the number of meals you need. The longer you want to stay on the program, the more you’ll need to pay to receive your meals. Likewise, you’ll also need to pay for a membership with Jenny Craig. This membership, which costs roughly $20 a year, gives you access to your Jenny Craig coach. 

The good news is? No matter how many meals you need to meet your target weight, shipping through Jenny Craig is always free. This significantly reduces the amount you’ll pay each year, especially in comparison to other dietary programs. 

Why Jenny Craig?

Jenny Craig takes the thinking out of your diet. There’s no need to spend hours fretting over how many calories you’re taking in or what groceries you’ll need to buy to have a healthy dinner. Instead, you can confidently attend to other parts of your life, knowing that the exact meal you need is already waiting at home for you. 

The attention of a diet coach is also a massive boon. We all have supporters when we try out a diet, but their support is often conditional. Jenny Craig’s coaches will help you through your ups and downs. They’ll assist you in finding the exercises and foods that suit you best, while also understanding how difficult starting and maintaining a diet can be. That kind of support is difficult to find, even across other dietary programs. 

Think It Over

It’s worth noting that Jenny Craig is among the more expensive dietary plans you have available to you. On average, it costs $20 a day to work with this program, which means you’ll need to budget carefully – especially if you have a family or other financial burdens to consider.  

That said, Jenny Craig’s consistent rate of success may be more than enough reason to consider joining up with the program. While it’s not going to provide you with a quick fix, the program will leave you feeling healthier and with the life skills you need to keep your lost weight off. 

Rapid Results

Jenny Craig recently released a new program called “Rapid Results.” This program will help you capitalize on your circadian rhythm to lose weight faster. Over the course of a day, you’ll have times designating for eating and times designated for resting. If you eat during the peak periods, you’ll find that you lose weight more quickly than you would otherwise. 

This program won the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in 2017. If you’re looking to shed up to 16 pounds in four weeks, then this may be the program for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jenny Craig just for women?

While the majority of their clientele are women, as is their spokesperson, the program doesn’t limit its members. Anyone of any gender can use Jenny Craig’s program to meet their weight loss goals. Their plan even has modified versions to accommodate men’s higher calorie intake, so you can lose weight as necessary for your unique body.

Do I need to work with a Jenny Craig Weight Loss Coach?

The experts hired by the Jenny Craig team work with you to help you meet your weight loss goals. These coaches serve as your personal cheerleaders, reminding you that your efforts are worth it. Not only that, but with a coach’s help, you’ll be able to keep yourself from regaining the weight you worked to lose. This ensures better long-term results, even if you only stay on the plan for a limited time.

With that said, you are not required to work with a Jenny Craig Weight Loss Coach, and countless members achieve their goals solo.

How much weight can you lose when you work with Nutrisystem?

You’ll lose the most weight on Nutrisystem during the first week of your journey. After the first week of your diet, you should expect to lose between one and two pounds per week. Most participants report losing up to 13 pounds and 7 inches off of their waists within the first month of participation.

Can I stay with the Jenny Craig program for more than six months?

If you sign up for Jenny Craig’s Premium program, you can become a long-term member with the organization. The price of enrolling in a long-term program will vary based on the time of year you choose to sign up and the area in which you live.

Can you use Jenny Craig if you’re diabetic?

Jenny Craig’s dietary meals do work for you if you’re diabetic. You’ll need to note your dietary restrictions before signing up, so that you can create a meal plan that can help you with your glycemic control. Be sure to talk to your general practitioner if you’re interested in joining the program.

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