Nutrisystem Vs. Jenny Craig

Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig are both commonly used diet programs among individuals who want to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle. Both diet programs have helped individuals achieve their weight loss goals effectively when used correctly. Although both diet programs have successfully helped individuals lose weight, they have differences that need to be considered when choosing a diet program that is best suited for an individual’s personal goals and needs.

NutrisystemJenny Craig
Dieters who use the Nutrisystem program have the opportunity to taste a variety of foods before ordering in bulk, and the food is free from artificial sweeteners and colors.Those on the Jenny Craig program are provided with a wide range of food options, and many on the program reported the food choices were tasty and satisfying.
Nutrisystem is an easy diet program for individuals to follow because they are provided with ample support such as nutrition consultants, exercise logs, and more.Jenny Craig offers customer support, but it is only offered for those who pay the enrollment fee of $99.
The average cost of Nutrisystem program is $10 to $11 per day.The cost of Jenny Craig is at least $15 per day, and those on the program also have to pay for additional services.
Nutrisystem advises those on the program to exercise for at least 30 minutes per day, and those on the program have a wide range of resources to increase their fitness level.Jenny Craig offers a nutritional counselor to help those on the program develop and maintain an exercise program.
A study found those on the Nutrisystem program lost an average of 3.8% more weight than those who received educational counseling.When staying on the program for at least one year, those on the Jenny Craig program lost 12% of their body weight.

Nutrisystem is a diet program that simplifies weight loss because the food comes directly from company, which eliminates the need for calorie counting and the preparation of proper portion sizes. There is a new Lean 12 plan offered from Nutrisystem, which helps female dieters lose up to 13 pounds and seven inches in the first month, and men should expect to lose 15 pounds and seven inches within the first month. Here is information about this diet program:

Food Quality and Taste
Most individuals find most of the Nutrisystem food choices appealing and palatable. A survey in 2010, which included 3,500 participants, found that nine out of 10 individuals were pleased with the quality and taste of the diet program’s food options. Nutrisystem released 40 new food items in 2014, and reformulated an additional 32 products, which eliminated artificial sweeteners and flavors. The diet program also removed 19 food products due to customer feedback. Nutrisystem now has nearly no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners in the food products offered.

Easiness of the Following the Program
Because the meals and food choices are prepared by Nutrisystem, it is relatively easy for one to follow the program. The packaged meals are timesaving for those on the program, and choosing a meal plan to fit an indiviudal’s needs is also simple. Although individuals select their own meal choices, the diet program has a variety of predetermined food choices to choose from, so it provides opportunities for those on the program to try new foods. Furthermore, the program offers an easy way for individuals to shop for fresh produce, protein, and dairy at the grocery store with an easily accessible list of suggested options and servings. Nutrisystem also offers dieters access to a website called The Leaf. The Leaf provides dieters with tips on making meals more enticing, healthy recipes, and fitness advice. There are also counselors that are available by chat, phone, or through NuMi from 7 a.m. until midnight, seven days per week. In addition, when individuals are ready to transition off the program, Nutrisystem consultants are an excellent resource for tips and ways to maintain a healthy weight after the program is completed.

Cost of the Program
Those on the Nutrisystem program will spend an average of $10 to $11 per day on food, which averages out to about $290-$360 per month based on program packages, this can be reduced by using a valid Nutrisystem promo code. However, this cost is only available with the auto-renewal program. Those who do not choose to sign up for the auto-delivery program will spend an average of $350 per month on food. Those on the program can also spend a few extra dollars for more food options or additional TurboShakes.

Activity Needed
Activity is encouraged with the this diet program, but it isn’t required. The program suggests that individuals get a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity every day that can be split into shorter durations such as three 10-minute segments. The program provides individuals with beginner, intermediate, and advanced programs that are available online. These suggested exercise programs provide descriptions of exercises and stretches. There are also forums that dieters can join to get motivation, and dieters can log their progression online as well.

Success Rate
The Annals of Internal Medicine conducted a study in 2015 to compare commercial weight-loss programs. The study found that individuals on the Nutrisystem program lost at least 3.8% more weight after being on the program for three months as compared to those who only received weight loss counseling and education. Furthermore, a study that was published in the American Journal of Hypertension concluded that a group of postmenopausal women lost an average of 12 pounds in three months, which included almost 10 pounds of stomach fat. Although weight loss is based on the individual, Nutrisystem can be an effective way to aid with weight loss.

Jenny Craig
With the Jenny Craig weight loss programs, dieters will get a customized meal and exercise program in addition to counseling sessions with a consultant. Those on this program will consume between 1,200 to 2,300 calories per day, which is based on an individual’s weight. There are two variations of the program, which include the standard option and one for those with Type 2 diabetes. Below is further information about the program:

Food Quality and Taste
According to those who sampled 32 products from the program, which included snacks and entrees, the average taste rating was “good.” However, testers at Consumer Reports described one of the company’s salad dressings as having a chalky and sour taste. The quality of the food has an emphasis on keeping dieters from being hungry while on the program. In 2008, Jenny Craig introduced Volumetrics, which is an approach that was developed by a nutritionist from Penn State University. The nutritionist’s plan used the least energy-dense foods, so individuals will feel fuller for longer.

Easiness of Following the Program
There is a wide range of entree, dessert, and snack choices available with the program, which includes chocolate lava cake. Although portions of the meals are smaller than meals offered with other diet programs, Jenny Craig allows dieters to eat two snacks and three meals per day, and dinner includes a dessert. In addition, there isn’t the need to cut down on carbohydrates or stop eating certain groups of food. To keep dieters from overindulging and getting bored with the program, there is the option for individuals to eat at a restaurant but only on occasion. When an individual exceeds his or her recommended calorie intake, a consultant will suggest additional exercise to compensate for extra calories.

Cost of the Program
Although the program does have benefits, it is more expensive than other programs. For those who want to start the program, they will have to pay an enrollment fee of $99, and it will cost a minimum of $19 per month just to join the “Jenny All Access” program. However, for those who do not to commit to a long-term program, there is the option to join “Jenny as You Go” for $39.99 per month, which doens’t require the enrollment fee, and the “Jenny as You Go” program doens’t provide dieters with a consultant. Furthermore, both programs do not include the cost of food, which can range from $15 to $23 per day. It is also important to note those who want their food delivered will have to pay for shipping.

Activity Needed
Those who sign up for the program will be provided with a personalized activity plan that is based on an individual’s motivation to lose weight and level of fitness. The program encourages a healthy exercise plan, but those who already have an established exercise routine may be advised by a consultant to take their fitness routine to the next level, which may include weight training. The program encourages dieters to participate in natural activities such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

Success Rate
The Annals of Internal Medicine conducted a study in 2015 that found participants lost the most weight if they were on the program for at least 12 months, which was nearly 5% more than participants whom were only given weight loss counseling and education. Furthermore, a study that was published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, which was funded by Jenny Craig, reported that overweight and obese women had significant weight loss and a reduced waist circumference after being on the program for two years. For the program to be effective, it is recommended for dieters to stay on the program for at least a year. A study that was published in Obesity found those who participated in the program for a year lost 12% of their body weight before starting the program, and individuals who stopped in the first month only lost one percent of their body weight.

Although both diet programs have proven results, Nutrisystem offers more benefits for the cost. The Nutrisystem program has foods that were highly rated for taste, and the program provides dieters with an auto-delivery option. Furthermore, Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig both offer nutrition consultants, but Nutrisystem’s does not require an enrollment fee such as Jenny Craig. It is important to not the most effective weight loss program is one that individuals feel they can stick with until they have reached their weight loss goal.

While both diet programs are well known, I can’t recommend Nutrisystem enough. The quality of their meals, their support and pricing model works for everyone!

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