Nutrisystem VS Atkins


  • Can eat various types of desserts and shakes
  • Can eat carbohydrates like bread
  • Alcohol is not recommended but it is not completely off limits. Low calorie alcohol such as wine is recommended online at
  • Pre-packaged meals that are ready to heat save you a lot of time
  • Nutrisystem coupon code can be activated when sigining up to reduce 20% off their plans
  • Is easier to stick to as you don’t have to suppress your cravings
  • Nutritionally balanced meals that combine the best of all food groups (carbohydrates, fats and protein)


  • Cannot eat breads or sweets
  • Alcohol is strictly off limits during the first couple of weeks
  • Preparing different types of healthy meals yourself can get time-consuming and boring
  • Is difficult to stick to
  • Experts think that their meals have way too much fat content and way little carbohydrates in them