Confused between Atkins and Nutrisystem?

Nutrisystems and Atkins are two of the most popular diet systems in the world today. But despite their success, few people would agree on which is better. In fact, the sole mention of the name of one of these is sure to spark a fierce debate in any gym or among fitness enthusiasts. Both systems have their own benefits and success stories, but one of them is better than the other. Do you want to find out which one suits you better? Following the right diet plan will help you lose weight, keep in shape, and stay healthy. Keep reading below to know which diet system is best for you.

Nutrisystem & Atkins Comparison

Based on healthy, highly nutritious foods.Can cause digestive issues and increases fatigue.
Does not carry any health risk.Requires following an intense exercise plan.
Requires a moderate amount of exercise.Restricts carbohydrates intake.
Requires you to limit your carb intake to foods with a low Glycemic Index.Limits the amount of carbs you can eat.
Comes with its own menu which must be followed.Does not come with a menu but requires you to plan your meals.


Nutrisystems is very flexible when it comes to what you can eat. For most people, following a diet requires unrealistic amounts of commitment and willpower, as they have to sacrifice eating their favorite foods. But the Nutrisystem menu includes a wide variety of options from which you can choose from, going from main courses to desserts which can be sweet, salty, bitter, and everything in between.

Meals are easy to prepare and they come packaged in sealed contents for ease of storage and transportation. This means bye bye to cooking since most of Nutrisystem’s meals come pre-cooked and you only need a microwave to heat them. If you’re a busy person who doesn’t have the time to buy fancy ingredients and spend hours cooking them, Nutrisystems is an excellent choice for a diet that won’t take much of your precious time.

The price of following the Nutrisystem diet can vary according to your sex, weight, and goals. The basic four meal plan costs an average $9.82 per day or $274 a month, which is within the boundaries of most people’s grocery budget. However, if you want a plan tailored towards you the costs can vary from $274 to $374 per month. You can get 40% off Nutrisystem meals by using one of the promo codes available on this page.

Nutrisystem also includes a free workout plan to help people lose weight faster by following a healthy lifestyle. With little to no cooking required, people on the Nutrisystem diet are free to spend their free time doing exercise or working out outside without needing to constantly keep an eye on the number of calories they eat.

Different polls and studies have corroborated Nutrisystem’s benefits for people looking to lose weight. One of this studies showed that Nutrisystem dieters lost an average of 24 pounds through a six month period. But perhaps what’s more significant is that they reported feeling happy following a diet that required little cooking and didn’t force them to give up the meals they love.


Atkins produces a wide variety of foods which can be consumed in every meal. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks, there’s plenty of good options to choose from. These are generally tasty, for precooked meals, but the downside is that they are high in saturated fat and sodium, which can lead to severe health problems like high blood pressure or heart conditions.

The planning and decision making involved in a diet are mostly left in the hands of the dieters since the Atkins program doesn’t include a detailed meal plan. This gives you a lot of freedom to choose what you want to eat but at the expense of forcing you to be more active in designing and following your own meal plan.

The cost of following the Atkins diet can be costly, but it isn’t significantly different than that of other diet plans. How much your diet costs will depend on which foods you choose, and whether you stick to basic meals or go for extra snacks and desserts. Alternatively, you could also buy a one-week diet kit and have it delivered to your door which will total from $279.6 to $391.96 per month depending on your choice.

For quicker results, the Atkins plan recommends dieters to follow an active lifestyle and gives useful tips on how to combine the diet with regular exercise. Unfortunately, you’ll have to change your lifestyle and sacrifice many of your favorite foods if you follow this plan. The Atkins diet severely curtails your carb intake, so you will most likely have to kiss goodbye to many of your favorite foods and eat low-carb substitutes instead.

On average, people can expect to lose 1-2 lbs. per week, although the results may vary from person to person depending on the amount of exercise done, and how strictly they stick to their diet. Those who have followed the plan and regularly work out have experienced the best results, losing 10-14 pounds in the first month.

While the Atkins diet is a good way to lose weight quick, it’s not a balanced diet that you can use for a prolonged period of time. That’s because it is based on the same anti-carb philosophy that many other popular diets follow. So in the long run, it can lead to health problems for its practitioners.

On the other hand, Nutrisystem is a more realistic diet plan which, although it takes more time, guarantees better results without forcing you to renounce the foods you love. Unlike the Atkins diet, Nutrisystem doesn’t limit the amount of carbs that you can eat. So basically you’re free to enjoy a wide variety of foods, such as pizza, lasagna, or chocolate, as long as they have a low glycemic index.

In the end, the success or failure of your weight loss plan depends on your willpower as much on your diet. But if you’re going to commit to a healthy lifestyle, why shouldn’t you be able to eat the things you love while you’re dieting?

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