Comparing Nutrisystem vs Jenny Craig

While it’s safe to assume that weight loss is a big and blossoming business nowadays, it’s rightfully so following the recent revelation that over 75% of people in the US today risk being obese. But in a rush to beat the bulge, no rivalry has managed to garner more airplay than Jenny Craig vs Nutrisystem. It’s true that both Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig are popular among weight loss fighters, backed by their proven history of success, but what’s the difference between these distinct programs?

NutrisystemJenny Craig
Pre-packaged meals with lots of emphasis on workouts.Pre-set menus from pre-packaged foods along with counseling on their lifestyles and eating habits.
An individual often loses 1-2 pounds per week.An individual often loses 1-2 pounds per week.
Free and guaranteed phone or email support and a large online community.Limited private counseling periods.
Percentage of participants after 4th week: 90%Percentage of participants after 4th week: 73%.
Roughly $230 every month with extra costs on buying vegetables.Initial enrollment fee of $360 and $100 per week.
Endorsers include Janet Jackson, Marie Osmond, Billy Jean K.Notable endorsers: Queen Latifah, Mariah Carey & Carrie Fisher.

What We Think of Nutrisystem

Although both diets promise and inherently deliver the desired results, it’s clear that Nutrisystem is a bit enjoyable. Firstly, it is comparatively easy to follow with great convenience to its users, whether it is the overall costs or the eating habits. It’s also popular among those people who don’t desire to keep an eye on their calorie requirements besides shopping for groceries and cooking.

  1. Food Quality and Taste
    It’s important to first mention that the food quality and taste vary according to the several meal plans. There’s a Basic category, and then there are three others – D (diabetes), Silver for the elderly (over 65 years) and the Vegetarian.
    Nutrisystem takes care of the calorie counting and cooking for you. All you do is visit the site, choose your menu and wait for meals to be delivered to you. You will be expected to supplement them with fresh fruits and vegetables and engage in regular exercises.
  2. Easiness
    As a healthy and effective eating plan, Nutrisystem offers great ease to its followers. There’s no such hassle as meal preparation and portion control as everything arrives already cooked and calories determined. Moreover, the regular and timely online support alongside the vibrant participating offers the much-required support that contributes to making the program successful. It’s indeed as Set and Forget plan as everything will run smoothly once you get used to it. You will only need to supplement it with healthy fruits along with regular exercises. Overall, Nutrisystem is easy, smooth and fruitful.
  3. The Cost
    Despite boasting of huge success stories, Nutrisystem is popular because it attracts no registration fees. The average cost of the roughly five daily meals is just $230, you may incur more through the supplementary diets – fruits and vegetables. Remember, the charges may deviate according to the plan chosen.
  4. Activity and Lifestyle needed
    Nutrisystem doesn’t offer one-on-one interaction, but repays that regularly through telephone, email communication, and online chat. Since you aren’t expected to cook, the plan is relatively comfortable to follow, although it depends on with the follower.
  5. Success Rate
    One impressive feature of Nutrisystem is the ease of tracking your progress. Using the tracking tool that’s available on the official website, you will quickly determine how you will be fairing on. At the moment and according to various statistics, you can expect to shed 1-2 pounds after a week, which is impressive. Through the appointed counselors’ support and your relentlessness, eliminating the extra fats won’t be a hectic task.

What We Think of Jenny Craig

As there’s the now popular Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig is proving to be a worthy substitute. This particular weight loss plan gets its name from Jenny Craig from California, although its founders were Sydney Craig and Jenny Craig from Melbourne, Australia. It’s over three decades old and has been proving to be what many weight loss enthusiasts had been looking for.

It is relatively easy to follow and stick with and boasts a massive following all over the world. Since its closely associated with the famous Nestle Nutrition, Jenny Craig is found and can also be practiced outside the US.

  1. Food Quality and Taste
    Jenny Craig diet plan is all about eating unique meals and snacks for a definite period. You are provided with planned menus which you will eat as they monitor your progress. Generally, the food quality and taste is pleasant and will allow you to switch to non-program food at some point in the future.
  2. Easiness
    This plan is easy and comfortable to follow as the main idea is based on diet control and caloric limitation with extra focus on the breakdown of healthy macro-nutrient. The program is centered on having many and different meals and snacks to choose from, and thus you are less likely to feel bored. Its ease is further boosted by the many different membership plans depending on what you choose upon signing up with the diet plan.
  3. The Cost
    If you are planning to enroll with Jenny Craig, know that there’s a signup fee of $360, plus $100 per week. Moreover, depending on the membership plan selected, you may pay between $30 and $400 that caters for the extra products and services.
  4. Activity and Lifestyle needed
    Since its weight loss results are impressive, Jenny Craig is proving to be the best for many. When you reduce your weight by half, after combining the 1-2 pounds lost every week, the plan will allow you to consume non-program food, at least 3-4 times every week. You will only cease following the program once you have matched your weight loss goals.
  5. Success Rate
    After following everything and attending weekly private individual counseling sessions online, you will witness incredible achievements. In fact, that’s clear from the statistics that show a fantastic 73% of participants still on it after a month of practicing. Expect to shed 1 pound  every week.

Should You Choose Nutrisystem or Jenny Craig?

When comparing Nutrisytem vs Jenny Craig, the results can be somewhat similar. That isn’t surprising since they all follow near similar and practical principles and canons of portion control and healthy food selection. What they only differ in is perhaps their different support systems and own corresponding costs.

After deep and careful analysis, it’s amazing to note that Nutrisystem emerges a clear winner. It’s comfortable to start, stick with and exit offers the desired results and isn’t as engaging as its substitute. For the budget-savvy individuals, Nutrisystem still emerges as a winner

Author Score

While both diet programs are well known, I can’t recommend Nutrisystem enough. The quality of their meals, their support and pricing model works for everyone!