Coupons for WonderSlim

You can shop in a smart way for WonderSlim products by utilizing their coupons and promo codes. These can help you to score the best discounts and deals. The WonderSlim website has a special webpage where you can find a collection of coupons for you. They have a discount program where you can enjoy free shipping for all products over $69. Moreover, the coupons allow you to save up to $40.00 on larger orders of WonderSlim products in their Buy More, Save More program. For example, there is a coupon code that allows you to save $5 when you spend more than $99 and another which helps you to save $20 when you spend more than $199 when buying their products. Are you a fan of the WonderSlim diet program? Head over to their website and view the coupons page to enjoy major discounts and savings.

How WonderSlim started and their vision for you

WonderSlim is located a few miles from the ocean in Wilmington, NC. Its parent company is Diet Direct and is the leading source of protein-based diet supplements. The products from WonderSlim are used by weight loss clinics, individuals, hospitals and physicians. The WonderSlim brand was created in 2001. Its vision is to provide people with high-protein, delicious and low-calorie products which can help them to manage their weight. For over 12 years, the WonderSlim diet plans and products have been delivered by Diet Direct and assisted thousands to achieve their weight loss ambitions.

Here are the products and meals which are provided by WonderSlim

WonderSlim provides the best portion-controlled weight loss products today. They assure value in their delicious meals. These are delivered quickly to you with free shipping. You can make orders for as low as $7.08 per day. Each order is 150% guaranteed to deliver the results you desire. There are thousands of people who have used WonderSlim products to accomplish their goals for weight loss.

WonderSlim offers you three options to pick from. These are the Basic, Core and Premium options. The Basic option features 4 WonderSlim meals every day. Each one is portion-controlled and features a menu of delicious shakes, snacks, bars and smoothies that you can consume to replace your meals so as to lose weight and keep it off. The Basic option costs $120.46 for a four-week diet kit. This translates to only $7.08 per day. Moreover, by picking the Basic plan, you can save 16% on individual meals.

The Core option features 5 WonderSlim meals every day. Each meal has its portions controlled for you so as to assist in weight loss. There are snacks, bars and lunches in these meals. The Core option costs $141.07 for a four-week WonderSlim diet kit. This translates to only $8.36 per day and savings of 18% on individual meals.

The Premium option has 7 WonderSlim meals in it. Portion control is applied in the breakfasts, bars, smoothies snacks, lunches and desserts in this option. The WonderSlim Premium option costs only $10.66 per day for a four week diet kit. You can order any of these options by visiting the WonderSlim website.

The meal plans in these products are easy to follow. Moreover, there are some meal plans for men and others for women. There are more than 70 selections of dishes and snacks for meal replacement. They take the form of smoothies, shakes, breakfasts, soups, desserts and more. They are convenient and guarantee you results.

The products provided by WonderSlim are delicious and effective in helping you to lose weight and manage it. They are full of all the necessary nutrients plus medical grade protein. If you purchase these products and are not satisfied, you can return them within 60 days of purchase and get a refund of 150% of your purchase price. This is the ultimate WonderSlim product quality guarantee.

How To Activate WonderSlim Discounts

You can activate the WonderSlim coupons by entering the special coupon codes as you check out. While you are checking out your WonderSlim products, a pop-up will appear to show you the coupon codes which are eligible. You can then pick one code to activate it on your purchase. Simply enter the coupon code in the appropriate box and enjoy the savings. You can also copy the codes from the special coupons webpage in the WonderSlim website. It is important to know that you can use only one coupon per order. The coupon codes are not valid for WonderSlim bundles, kits, cases or subscriptions.