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The program was created by a leading American cardiologist Dr. Agatston for his heart patients. While his prime focus was to improve their heart health, he eventually discovered that the diet he had created was helping patients lose a significant amount of weight. According to Dr. Agatston, this program isn’t about low-carb or low-fat diet, but it vitally focuses on eating the right carbs and fats.

What Exactly Is the South Beach-Diet?
South Beach-Diet is unlike any other program designed before because it effectively restricts saturated-fats and high sugar carbs. In the first two weeks phase of the program, the diet completely focuses on maintaining an optimal blood sugar-levels and eliminating cravings for the sweets and unhealthy carbs.

In the second phase of the diet, the doctor has introduced some carbs back into the diet. Here, you can include rice, pasta and some fruits as well. In the last and final stage of the program, diet focuses on encouraging you to continue making healthy choices. This will keep your health in proper shape and keep you focused on weight loss goals.

This is an efficaciously healthy-eating plan where there is no strict counting on your calorie intake. However, as when compared to several other diet programs, this one has too many restrictions which make it a bit difficult for people to follow it. Especially, in the long run, this program is quite hard to stick with.

To make this program more attractive and feasible to follow, the South Beach-Diet website features various high-end tools. You can use these tools and apply them in various ways to keep an eye on your-nutrition intake. You can create a log where you can daily enter some meals and snack you munch on.

There is a food tracker as well which features eating guides to show you what exactly you should eat in a day. You can also access a weekly meal-planner available on the website where there are hundreds of recipes and ideas. You can use your-weight and fitness level on the website to get personalized recommendations for the foods you should eat and the ones you should avoid.

The first two-phases of the program may baffle you a bit, but once you complete them, the program recommends some basic and easy to follow dietary guidelines. Although the main intention of the diet does not focus on extensive workouts, you can follow sample exercise plans.

How To Activate South Beach Diet Coupons

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