Coupons for Smart Ones

We are glad that you visited this Website! Sure, you want to lose you weigh and take care about your healthy, but, perhaps, you are wondering: how much does it cost? Here, the freshest and relevant program “Appetizer.”

About Appetizer

This program will start on February, 13 and will last until March, 13. The goal of the Appetizer is to unite opportunity to enjoy our meal with the unique saving plan, which will help you be healthier and wealthier. The Product which will participate in Appetizer is called “smart beginnings”. By buying any meal from this line, you will find some color cards with some points on it (most common case – 20 points). After you got 100 points in total – you can trade on them on 20%-discount for any product for “smart beginnings” of “Smart ones” Serie.

“Smart Beginnings” diversity

Apples&Cinnamon Oatmeal

Apples&Cinnamon Oatmeal consists of rolled and steel-cut oats with apple and cinnamon taste, covered by apples and granola.

Breakfast Quesadilla. Consist of a tortilla with egg whites, fragrant cheese, useful vegetables, and delicious turkey bacon

Cheesy Scramble with Hash Browns

Scrabbled egg whites combined with appetite cheddar, Monterey jack and reduced fat mozzarella cheeses with a side of Ore-Ids Homestyle has browns. Bonus: 10 points

Egg, Sausage and Cheese Smart Morning Wrap

Scrambled eggs and cheesy sauce with breakfast sausage, vegetables and cheddar cheese in a soft tortilla. Bonus: 15 points

English Muffin Sandwich

The simple delicious sandwich which contains egg whites and cheese inside. Easy, simple, tasty. Bonus: 20 points

English Muffin Sandwich Canadian Style Turkey Bacon

Contains egg whites, cheese, and turkey bacon. Bonus: 10 points

English Muffin Sandwich Turkey Sausage

Also (beside Sandwich bases and Turkey Sausage with seasoning) contains egg whites and aroma cheese. Bonus: 10 points

Ham and Cheese Scramble

Scrambled egg whites and fresh, tasty ham on a bed of crispy Ore-Ida potatoes topped with cheese. Bonus: 15 points

Maple&Brown Sugar Oatmeal

Maple flavored steel cut and rolled oats covered by raisins, cranberries and granola, united with other natural flavors. Bonus: 20 points

Peaches&Cream Oatmeal

Peached flavored steel cut and rolled oats topped with peaches&granola with other natural flavors. Bonus: 10 points

Three Cheese Omelet

With a side of Ore-Ida homestyle hashbrowns. Bonus: 5 points

How To Activate Smart Ones Coupons

After you bought meal from “Smart Beginnings” carefully cut the cereal box and take out the promotional card. Each card has specific number of points (from 5 to 20 for each cereal box). Collect cards and summarize the number of points. When you got 100, 150 or 200 points, – you can exchange your promotional card on discounts coupons. If you collected cards with 100 points in total, you may exchange them on 20%-discount, if 150 – you will receive 30%-discount, if 200 – 40%-discount. After you choose your option, go to website and register for Appetized discount program. Enter the promo codes from your cards (program automatically will summarize your points) and then in 7 days you will receive certain discount coupon on your real mail. You can take it to the closest “Smart ones” market or if you buy online, but before you need again go to our website and active it. Enter promo code from discount coupon and you will receive a desirable discount. Be healthy and wealthy!