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Maybe being your own personal trainer has not been as cheap and effective as you imagined. Why don’t you check out the two-shakes-a-day plan on and save 30% by entering the coupon code 2shakes1day.

Do it Light, Do it Right…

Nutrition Express was founded in 1984 with the goal of providing complete wellness solutions for the American public. Though officially in its current form since 1984, Nutrition Express traces its history as far back as 1949 when Gladys Lindberg opened her first Nutrition Retail Store in Los Angeles. Nutrition Express is committed to promoting preventive health through nutrition. In addition to health supplements, the chain also sells meal plans, of which two-shakes-a-day is the most effective.

Unlike most other diet plans two-shakes-day does not require fasting. You are still entitled to three meals per day on the two-shakes a day plan. So, no afternoons spent daydreaming about food. In fact, shakes have been found to take the mind off snacks in between meals, while cutting out fattening food. Two shakes a day also ensure that you don’t break up with your personal trainer. The plan factors in enough calories to get you three good workouts every week. On the overall, the plan achieves your weight loss and wellness goals with minimal disruption to your lifestyle. Too good to be true? Well, here’s how it works.

Shakes 2.0

Like with any good shake, the key to this plan is the proper selection of the right food elements. The most important element here is the protein, which can be your regular whey protein, milk protein blends or eggs, and plant proteins. The major difference here is that whey proteins digest much faster than dairy and plant proteins. If you find that you eat larger meals on average, then you should consider milk and protein blends, which would keep you feeling fuller for longer. Should you, however, have dairy allergies or intolerance, eggs and plant proteins would be your best bet.

Once this is settled, the next step is the selection of a fiber base. In addition to maintaining the feeling of fullness, the fiber helps regulate changes in blood sugar in response to food intake. The cool thing about fiber is its water-absorbing quality, which causes it to swell once in the stomach. At the moment, you are probably defaulting to carbs to fill your plate and create the feeling of fullness. With two servings of fibers like Psyllium and Glucomannan (which can absorb up to 50 times their weight in water) per shake serving, you should get an average of 25g of fiber per day.

All that is left is a garnish of omega fats, from such options as flax seed oil (7g per serving) and fish oil (1-3g per serving). By facilitating insulin production, these fats speed up the rate of fat burn, trimming your waist to the desired size. Over the first 6 months, you stand to shed 7 pounds of weight you will not gain back, not counting the pounds your personal trainer would extract from you. Users have reported up to 25-pound weight differentials compared to control subjects over a 5-year period. Remember that shake you saw your personal trainer sipping? This is it.

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