Nutrisystem For Women Reviews

Nutrisystem diet program is fantastic for busy women. You can eat deliciously-well, and still lose weight, without having to count calories, limit carbs, prepare meals, or spend extra money on fancy products.

The smartest meal delivery option

Nutrisystem is really the best alternative for a “meal box delivery” program for women. Compare one month of Nutrisystem to any of the popular “meal box” delivery brands in terms of price and calories. Those mega popular fancy food boxes end up packing up more fat and calories, at a higher price, with less meal choices.

Nutrisystem is simple to use, and it caters to:

  • Regular female dieters
  • Women suffering from diabetes
  • Vegetarians
  • Snack, dessert and carbohydrate lovers

It all depends on the plan that you select, and the foods you pick!

The Basic Option

The Basic Nutrisystem plan consists on the program essentials, at the low price of less than $10 per day, or less than $2 per meal. All Nutrisystem plans will include the benefits of the Basic box:

  • 4-week food delivery service
  • Free FedEx shipping
  • 6 food items per day (the Basic plan choices are curated by Nutrisystem), including three main courses and three snacks
  • Access to all online diet tools and diet help

If you are not sure what to get, this is the plan that you need. The company curates the food for you and sends you their selections.

The Core Option

Nutrisystem Core includes the same Basic plan benefits. It will run at approximately $11 dollars per day. The difference is that you get two choices for food:

The Core Favorites pack with Turbo Take off: This is a combo of shakes and bars for the first week, plus a selection of the most popular and best-selling food products.
The Custom Menu: where you get to choose food from a selection of meals during checkout.

Uniquely Yours

If you want complete control of the food, then the Uniquely Yours plan is what you may want to choose. The plan runs for less than $12 a day for all 6 meals altogether. Like with Core, you also get to choose between a “Favorites Pack” and “Custom” option.

The “Favorites” pack includes the Turbo Take off shakes and bars. However, for Uniquely Yours, you can also choose from a variety of frozen and non frozen items from the Nutrisystem kitchen.

The “Custom” option is pretty wild.
You get your pick from 150 plus items, frozen and non – frozen, from the Nutrisystem kitchen. This option is great for food explorers.

All three Nutrisystem programs come with a very neat option for women who suffer from diabetes, or need to control their blood glucose. Food options of Nutrisystem Diabetics are based on smart carbs, lean meats, and fiber-packed snacks. The foods are scheduled to be eaten every 2 to 3 hours, which means that your insulin will be on check, and you won’t have to do any guesswork as to what to eat.


Suppose that you are veggie-curious and wish to try new, meatless options. This box will be great for you! The company offers Italian, Mexican, and even comfort foods with no meat. It is the same price as the Uniquely Yours program, which runs for less than $12 per day.

You get to choose from over 90 meal choices from the Nutrisystem Vegetarian kitchen. Both, the Favorites Pack and the Custom option, include the Turbo 10 shake and bar system to keep you satiated, and with your insulin levels on point.

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