Nutrisystem Vegetarian Review

One of the biggest problems people who are vegetarian, or people who want to transition to vegetarianism face, is re-learning to prepare their own meals. New vegetarians especially and vegetarians suffering from a lack of disposable time, a condition prevalent in modern society, won’t reap the maximum benefits of their vegetarian lifestyle. This is because they often end up consuming high carbohydrate meals due to a lack of knowledge or because of time constraints.

With Nutrisystem’s new Vegetarian plan, those challenges no longer pose a problem to vegetarians and people desiring to transition. Nutrisystem offers the vegetarian plan at $11.96 for women or $13.39 per day for men.

The average American spends $150 a week on food. The Nutrisystem’s vegetarian plan may not only help you lose weight and become healthier, depending on their lifestyle, it might save the average person money as well.

NutriSystem has tailored the vegetarian plan differently to fit the needs of men and women’s bodies. Women receive three meals a day, and a snack, while men receive 3 meals a day and two snacks. The vegetarian plan has options as well, and anyone who orders it isn’t going to spend every day chomping down miserly meals made of bran and celery. That’s because the vegetarian plan boasts over 90 different food options for vegetarians.

The average set of meal choices for a man, on any given day, could look something like this.

For breakfast they would have a choice between,

  • A cinnamon streusel muffin
  • one granola bar
  • a cinnamon roll
  • thick French toast
  • buttermilk waffles

For Lunch they might have,

  • red beans and rice
  • a trail mix bar
  • or even broccoli and a cheese melt

Dinner could be,

  • cheese pizza
  • a vegetable lasagna
  • ravioli formaggio
  • or an Italian flatbread pizza

As a snack they might pick,

  • a nutricrush shake
  • a soft pretzel
  • or an ice cream sandwich

Those are just a few examples of the many options offered under the plan, which boasts many more.

One of the NutriSystem vegetarian plan’s best features is that it comes with a Turbo take off box. It’s geared to jump start weight loss and to help your body “dial in” to its change of diet.

Anyone who’s purchased the NutriSystem vegetarian plan isn’t completely limited to eating only the prepared food NutriSystem offers. The plan allows and teaches people how to incorporate their own fresh vegetables and fruits into the meals provided. The NutriSystem vegetarian plan also comes with a daily tracker and a guide to help people make wise choices when dining out.

The pros

  • It can save time.
  • It can save money on groceries.
  • Nutrisystem is an established and respected company, which has been around since 1972.
  • NutriSystem is a popular weight loss system with a decades worth of evidence supporting its effectiveness. It offers a diverse selection of meals.

The Cons

  • The vegetarian plan doesn’t have any exercise program or recommendations associated with it.
  • The dieter is expected to add their own vegetables and fruits to supplement the meals, which provides an avenue for the total costs to increase.

Publisher is a paid affiliate of Nutrisystem.