Nutrisystem Reviews

I first heard about Nutrisystem a couple of years ago, but I didn’t overthink it. After all, I have tried a dozen different nutritional programs down the years without much to show for it. Moreover, all the hassle of working out just how many calories were in each portion of food I ate set my nerves on end. But a close friend of mine joined the Nutrisystem program and within a couple of weeks she had not only shed about 6 pounds but she had a noticeable healthy glow on her skin. This was all the impetus I needed to try out the new system. Even better, I discovered that I could save myself a huge amount of the total cost, (up to 40% off the market price) by using a promo code! It is now four months later and I have lost 25 pounds and it keeps getting better.

Review of Nutrisystem Diet Plans

There are four customized Nutrisystem dietary plans you can choose from as you order – each plan is adapted for men and women:

  • Nutrisystem Basic
  • Nutrisystem Core
  • Nutrisystem Uniquely Yours
  • Nutrisystem Vegetarian

The four Nutrisystem diet plans include meal plans covering four weeks with all the meals delivered to you readily. The meal packs are shipped directly to your address through FedEx for free. Signing up for any of the programs qualifies you for free access to Nutrisystem’s suite of free online tracking tools and the downloadable smartphone app.

The Nutrisystem Basic meal plan is the most affordable of the four plans. It includes the company’s “Favorites Pack” of the most popular meals and snacks including burgers, chocolate, and pasta. The Core plan makes it even better to customize the meals you receive as you can select your preferences for different meals for any day. The plan also offers you unlimited access to Nutrisystem’s expert dietitians and nutritional counselors. Both Uniquely Yours and Vegetarian meal plans are virtually identical except that for the latter you can only pick vegetarian meals and snacks. Both plans include all the benefits of the Basic and Core systems but have extras such as access to the entire collection of Nutrisystem foods; 150+ of them and with more being added all the time.

What Makes Nutrisystem Meal Plans Systems Great

The most distinctive feature of Nutrisystem meal plans are the generous coupons offered for the tasty and nutritious food. But for me and many others, the system wins top ratings as it takes the guesswork and headache of balancing your calorie intake out of your hands. It is like having an expert nutritionist planning and preparing all your meals for a pittance. And, when you come to think of it, that is exactly what you get with Nutrisystem!

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