My Nutrisystem Review

Hey guys, Debra here from Debra Moorhead and today I’m going to be telling you about my Nutrisystem journey.

I’m going to be uploading a post every week showing you exactly how I’m doing on the program, what I’m eating, how I’m feeling, am I lucky, am I sad, am I hungry, am I happy and energetic, so I cannot wait to tell you all about this.

Anyways, I’m doing Nutrisystem and a quick disclaimer here Nutrisystem has sent me this program for the next three months for free in return for my review and weekly blog post, still have at least one blog post up every week, but as you know that life happens sometimes so first things first.

This is Nutrisystem and the plan that I’m doing is called my way select, there’s three different programs with Nutrisystem, there’s the simple, the basic, and then there’s the selectively but I could be totally making those names up, but I know that there’s three different ones and they gave me the select one, and I’m very grateful for that but that will not influence how I am portraying this to you, so I want this to be real which is why I want to keep up with the blogs because I feel like people can take pictures and photoshop them but this is me. I want to show you my real opinions and my real journey along the next three months, the basic thing about Nutrisystem is that they send you food, they send you dry food as well as frozen goods and they come in two different boxes.

Nutrisystem provides you with a booklet that basically states lose five pounds in your first week or your money back guarantee. I am very excited about this, there’s no other way to kick-off weight loss regime than to see a difference, to see something positive, and it says science proves that if you have a great start to weight loss you’re more likely to reach your goals, so you we’ve designed Fast Five to reset your body and prepare it for the weight loss success program, so i guess this is to prep you for your first month, for one week I’m going to eat only the foods that are in that one box, in next week I’ll be talking about what i liked, what I didn’t like, what was hard, what was difficult, and what was amazing!

They also sent along to kind of kick start everything a package of energizer, i believe that is like a mixer and I need to get one of those shaker cups, and a craving crusher which was kind of like a protein shake to keep me feeling full, you can also eat as many non-starchy vegetables as you like, now that is an awesome thing. Non-starchy vegetables are the bell peppers, broccoli, carrots, cucumber, eggplant, green beans, mixed greens, spinach and tomato.

The planner has what I’m going to eat and at what time, it doesn’t tell me the exact type of food, it doesn’t tell me the flavors. They sent me seven different breakfasts, seven different lunches, and seven different dinners for that deal and I can choose which one I am going to eat. It tells me what I’m going to have for breakfast and then in a little bit I’m going to have the energizing shake and then I’m going to have lunch, a craving crusher shake, then dinner, and I need to eat four of those servings of veggies within the day as well as eight cups of water. Now the water is not really a problem for me as I drink tons and tons of water, and today’s the thing about the veggies is i think it’s going to be easier for me to add them in with the pre foods that they have sent me which is what they also encourage, they have different recipes and things like that in one of these booklets, there’s a magazine that comes with the whole kit and there was one recipe that looked really good like how you can use some of the stuff from the packets and things like that, they also send you and this one is skinny shepherd’s pie, so it tells you what you need to use like this one says one package of Nutrisystem cheesy Homestyle potatoes, some diced onion garlic, it also has the whole list and tells you exactly what to do.

I think that’s really cool and I’m sure I could go on to Pinterest and find a couple of more creative things too, but I feel like that’s going to be the best way for me to sneak my four servings of veggies in a day because I really don’t want to sit there and just eat like a handful of carrots, I’m just not even sure if I can have ranch which I’m not supposed to have on, It’s just not for me, I’m totally a sweets girl and that is my weakness, i love sweets i think that’s going to be the hardest thing for me and I think what is going to be hard is having my meals and having to think ahead and prep everything up and know when I’m putting my veggies in and did I drink enough water.

There is another really cool thing which I’m hoping not to use this right off the bat i do want to stick to the program at close to it as possible at least for the first month but this is going to come in handy I’m thinking like later on and this is the eating out guide and inside it has like a really cute blurbs that really makes you feel a little bit better, it says no restaurant can beat the way your Nutrisystem meal plan is not for your metabolism but we know you’re not going to eat every meal at home and sometimes it’s just nice to eat out when you do eat out use the information on the following pages to make smart choices and it is a decent-sized little booklet and I like that it’s small enough that I could just throw it in my purse, this could be like we’re out about doing errands one day and my girlfriend wants to stop off somewhere so I can check my little booklet and see if it’s worth or I should just suck it up and wait till we get home to have something so i feel like that could be beneficial for the daily tracker which this is what the pages look like, you could kind of like put a little check mark on each glass of water and on the four servings of vegetables you have every day you wanted to give yourself stars when you do something good, so you go for a walk when you didn’t want to, you didn’t eat that doughnut when you really wanted to, you know you’re sticking to your plan.

The other thing down here is the three little shoes because they want you to do 30 minutes of activity. I don’t feel like that’s going to be difficult when my son is in school I was going to the gym Monday through Friday spending about an hour of activity doing whether it was a Zumba class a spin class or a little bit of free weights, and a little bit of cardio on the elliptical, but now that he’s been home i haven’t been going to the gym but we’ve also been walking the mall and swimming every day and go into the mailbox and playing outside and the bubbles and everything like that, so we’re still keeping active. I’m just going to be a little more conscious about it, I’m going to wear my polar loop those help me keep my step counts and I feel like they helped motivate me, I like to get my butt moving, you know and I feel like those are a good tool to have along with a good nutrition routine.

It also says that there is a list of smart beverages that I can have in my very first week and going forward with the program and I’m not sure how I feel about a couple of the things on the list is that I must drink eight cups of water each day and limit my caffeine that’s fine, I do like my cup of coffee and I usually put a little bit of coconut creamer in there, and I think that might be okay. I’m going to have to check with my counselor which I’ll talk about in a second and the beverages on the list are coffee, black tea and then it says diet soda and calorie free water or calorie free lemonade or iced tea use only calorie-free sweeteners, I don’t put sugar and things to begin with like if I have a lemonade or iced tea which I don’t drink those anyway so that’s not a problem I don’t drink a ton of Soda. Honestly, the only time i have soda is what I’m having like a coke and rum and actually something like okay I drink the Pepsi max because I don’t know if I mentioned this before that this is the night before I’m starting this program, so I kind of just totally munched out, but I think this is safe for the program because it says diet soda, there’s zero calories, zero fat, and 40 milligrams of sodium which I am not thrilled about, I’m not a salty person like i said before I’m totally sweets there’s no sugar and no protein so really it’s not going to do anything for me but I do feel like I’m going to limit myself on this. I’m not going to be drinking it with every meal I’m the only thing it does say is that and let me read it to the wording exactly as it was kind of funny to avoid alcohol as it is high in calories without providing useful nutrients so I’m probably going to have to give up my nightly Robin coke or whatever, but I think I’ve had enough of it leading up to it this week in preparation for starting the program that I’ll be just trying to backtrack a little bit too.

When I was talking about the counselor, each person that joins the program not just bloggers or anything like that but anyone who joins the program is assigned to a specific counselor. I reached out to my counselor the other day and I was asking a question I think it was a shipping question, and then I was asking about if she had any tips for fourth of July barbecues and things like that, because the fourth of July is my very first fast five weeks so I was a little bit nervous, I’m going to be new on the program there’s going to be amazing food you know and things like that, when we go to our barbecues and I was a little nervous and she answered literally like it was a Friday night when I message her it was like 10 minutes later it was like let me know if you need anything this is this like you know very informative knew exactly what to say and asking all these questions to see if I was okay, if had any more questions and it just made me feel really good, like they’re really there for you and a couple days ago she actually called me was like hi I’m so-and-so and I’m a counselor if you have questions call me at this number in this extension and I believe that there’s somebody always you can always call someone we’re going to see that that they’re available till midnight not your exact counselor but like counselors in general like you call like a number to ask a question and there from like five a.m. to midnight so we have a late-night craving question, then they’re there for you and that’s a really good resource to have and especially if you’re new on the program or if you have been on it in a while for a while you get in a rut and then you’re like tempted you want to like to sneak in that little snack when you really shouldn’t and things like that.

Like I said this is going to be a three-month program and my goal on this whole program is to lose 30 pounds. Sounds like a lot but talking to a couple of other girls not just bloggers but other people that have been on this program for the that are going to be on it or were on it for the amount that I’m going to be on it have lost 30 – 40, and I think that’s amazing, if I can do that on this program and I get a little bit of my exercise, eat the right foods, and just I feel like it could change my life, and I’m really really hoping that I can look back on this post and be like wow I was right this is the best thing ever you know and if it’s not you guys are going now I’m going to tell you that you know it’s just not for me or something like that, but I’m really hopeful about this program and I’m very excited and looking forward to a kind of a short-term cool because I do want to lose overall 60 pounds to get to my goal weight which is 125 pounds, at the time I was 185 pounds. I wasn’t expecting the number that was on the scale and so that will cut in a couple minutes other thing that I’m kind of working for, and why I’m so excited to do it now is that I’m going to be doing this program for July, August, and September, because in October my girlfriend and I are going on a week-long vacation with to South Carolina for a golfing retreat tournament and we’re going to treat kind of like our honeymoon so I just wanted to feel really good, I want to be able to like throw on a really fancy dress, go out to dinner, and throw in a bathing suit just jump in the ocean and not feel so self-conscious, I just want to be a little more comfortable and I totally forgot about this until right this second, but Nutrisystem has an app and it makes it super easy for me to log the foods that eating how I’m feeling it’s going to be kind of like my diary right now hopeful that’s how I’m going to treat it I’m going to log everything and will help me keep track for my daily or my weekly post for you guys and I feel like it’s an accountability thing I’m of course I’m not just doing this for you and I’m you know like I’m doing it for me too and I’m really really really excited about this journey.