Nutrisystem For Men Review

When I looked down at the scale that day, I realized I needed to lose weight and I needed to do it faster than simply going on a diet like Weight Watchers was going to do. I was still eating food that was allowing me to put on pudge rather than shed it. I had seen the advertisements for Nutrisystem for Men for years but this time around, it seems like the service had been calling out to me. I finally bit the bullet and ponied up the cash to give it a start and see what it could do for me.

The first thing I noticed was that while this program is more expensive in the short term than some of the other programs are, there is definitely a bit of a caveat in that regard. Yes, I paid way more up front than other diet programs ask for, but because you are not only buying a diet program but also purchasing a month’s worth of food, the price really isn’t that prohibitive.

Since I was straight up replacing quite a few of the foods I would purchase at the grocery store, I was saving money there while spending a bit more on the fitness side. This program does not completely replace outside food, there are nuts and milk and a few other things you’ll still need to buy, but if you look what you spend at the market when you are buying all your food there, you really will notice a difference in what you spend, especially when you look at it over the course of a month.

After coming to grips with ponying up the cash and seeing the food arrive, it was officially time to give the program a try. I went with the “Uniquely Yours” program because I wanted to make sure I had as much control as I could. I figured having the most choices would allow me to stick to the program better than if I was being told I had to eat something I had no interest in tasting.

The ability to mix and match all the things I wanted to eat was certainly a plus. The program allows for you to have a breakfast, lunch, dinner and three snacks. Nutrisystem is built on the idea that it’s not about starving yourself. You eat throughout the day in order to keep the hunger and the cravings under control.

That idea definitely worked. By being able to pick out meals and snacks I really wanted to eat, and not having to go any part of the day without eating when I was actually hungry, I started to see the pounds fall away. I’m still not where I want to be, but I know that I’m going to stick with this program and I know that the program has made it so that isn’t a painful decision. The company has found a way to sell their own food in a way that doesn’t hurt the bottom line but does shrink the waist line.

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