Coupons for New Lifestyle Diet

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About The New Lifestyle Diet

The New Lifestyle Diet Plan was invented in 2004 by a company with the same name. Surprisingly, the man behind the entire invention, which has rather proven to be very effective, claims to have lost over two hundred pounds in 2002, which was not easy for him. But, through trials and errors with different programs and nutritionists, he came up with this program which has rather proven to be very effective. The ultimate goal of this company is to help you shed pounds slowly, by acting as a stand-in for the junk and high calories meals you probably been eating. In simple words, the program is intended to help you control weight loss as well as keeping it off.

Meals provided by the New Lifestyle Diet program

With this program, you will be replacing your daily meals with New Lifestyle Products like gluten free snacks, pudding, nutritional bars, hot drinks, soups, and cereals. Once in a day, you will be allowed to consume eight ounces of lean meat, and at least two cups of vegetable that you will prepare on your own. Some of the veggies that rank high on the glycemic index such as corns and carrots are not allowed on the program. Additional food items allowed on the above list include bread, pasta, and rice.

As you can see the program combines carbohydrates, healthy fats, and proteins to allow a quick weight loss. There are two programs meant for women and men as well. A typical day with the program for women contains at least 1080 calories, around 164 grams of proteins a, 72 grams of carbs and 18 grams of healthy fats. Men are limited to around 1200 calories in a typical day, 174 grams of proteins, 9 gram of carbohydrates and 23 of fats. You can choose the durations of the program depending on the amount of weight you intend to lose.

Obviously, exercise is more than important in any weight loss program; however, exercise requirement on this program is not overwhelming. All you need is to walk around 30 minutes each day on phase one, and for the other three stages you will have a complete guide including the strength training you need to do, the number of training and the repetition requirements.

How To Activate New Lifestyle Diet Coupons

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