Coupons for Lean Cuisine

Trying to save money when following a weight loss diet can be a challenge. However, you can cut back the cost of healthy meals by taking advantage of Lean Cuisine promo codes. All you have to do is use these discount codes at “buy one get one free” sales or similar store deals. Some special offers can help you save up to 50% off the original price of a healthy meal.

What is Lean Cuisine?

Founded in 1981, the Lean Cuisine brand has been around for more than two decades. The company was originally a product of Stouffers but was later on acquired by Nestlé. They provide pre-packaged, healthy, nutritious frozen foods that you can only heat up in the microwave. True to their brand name, Lean Cuisine prepares low-fat, low-calorie entrees that fall in the 140-400 calorie range.

The Lean Cuisine Product Line

The Lean Cuisine product line keeps changing from time to time. However, the company currently offers five different collections of frozen entrees from which to choose. First off, there is the Market Place collection with tasty entrée options such as chicken pecan, Mushroom & Spring Pea Risotto, Asparagus & Cheese Ravioli, and Sweet Sriracha Braised Beef, just to name a few.

The Craveables and Comforts collections allow for a little indulgence without breaking your diet with unhealthy fast foods. Under these collections, you can enjoy fares such as baked chicken, beef pot roast, four cheese pizza, or Thai chicken spring rolls. Completing the Lean Cuisine product line are the Favorites and Morning’s collections, which help dieters to expand their healthy food options even further.

As a bonus, you can search the Lean Cuisine official website for healthy meal options based on search filters that match your preferences. For instance, there is an option to search for Asian, Italian, Mediterranean, American or Mexican cuisine. Other filter options let you search for items using specific ingredients or nutritional content such as “high protein” or “gluten-free.” Armed with this kind of information, it becomes easier to choose a healthy Lean Cuisine meal that meets your taste before hitting the frozen foods aisle at your local store.

Why Choose Lean Cuisine

Lean Cuisine is more than just a brand name as the company tries to live up to standards that make their products healthy for dieters who are trying to eat right. According to the FDA, “Lean Cuisine” is not just a brand name but also a content claim. Foods that qualify as being “lean” should have no more than 10g of fat (with 4.5g making up saturated fats) and less than 95mg of cholesterol. Therefore, the FDA requires Lean Cuisine to meet the “lean” criteria in all the frozen foods they prepare.

How To Activate Lean Cuisine Coupons

Now that you know about Lean Cuisine, you can make the most out of their low-cal, low-fat frozen foods when there is no time to make homemade meals. Remember also to look for money-saving deals through Lean Cuisine coupons on local newspaper ads. This can also be done by entering promo codes at the checkout page of online grocery stores that do home deliveries. There are printable coupons and promo codes as well that you can redeem for a discount at stores selling Lean Cuisine frozen entrees. Some stores slash their prices during clearance sales to make room for new flavors. Lastly, look out for peelie coupons, which are usually printed on the Lean Cuisine boxes as mail in rebates.