Save With Freshology Coupon Codes

Whether you are on the budget or not, it feels good knowing that you can save a few bucks a day and still manage to get a healthy meal. There are about 59 Freshology coupon codes/promo codes/discount codes to help you save money. Discounts are offered for fresh moms, gluten free orders, fresh dining orders and practically on any Freshology program.

What is Freshology?

Founded in 2005, Freshology is a health program designed to address nutritional needs and help individuals realize their fitness plans. Put simply; Freshology is natural meals delivered to your door. These meals are prepared to suit the needs of everyone including new moms, invalids, body builders, and vegetarians among others. The goal of Freshology is to provide healthy meals at a low cost.

Program Details

There are seven categories of programs offered by Freshology. These include:

Accelerated Weight Loss

This program is designed for individuals who want to lose weight fast. It comprises of low carb diet that increases metabolism and consequently leads to weight loss. Here, carbs are replaced with lean proteins, fibrous vegetables, and healthy fats. Freshology recommends coupling this diet with a fitness regimen. You can have the meals delivered three times a week.

Standard Weight Loss

This program has been designed with the aim of weight management. It comprises of lean proteins, fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains and a natural dessert. The meals are calorie controlled and balanced to ensure anyone taking them does not gain weight.

Fitness and Performance

This is a program for body builders who are looking to build some muscles, manage their weight and remain fit. To that end, the program has been designed with higher calorie, reduced fat and balanced. The goal is to provide energy throughout the day without compromising on health.

Healthy Weight and Lifestyle

This program is designed for people leading a normal lifestyle. The goal is to enable them maintain a healthy lifestyle, long-term weight management and enjoy the convenience of having natural and ready gourmet meals. They are simply balanced meals; portioned to keep your health in check.

A-La-Carte Premium

This is for people who enjoy the convenience of having a variety of ready and healthy meals to choose from while at the same time maintaining their health and their weight. It thus comprises of balanced meals designed to suit special needs such as allergies and ingredient preferences.


Freshology designed this program for those who like a vegetarian or pescatarian diet. It is a meat-free diet that comprises of delicious meal options designed to provide fuel throughout the day and offer the convenience of natural and ready meals.

New Moms

As moms need additional nutrients during their lactation period, this program has been designed to offer them just that. It includes nutrient rich ingredients to help both the mom and the baby. Moms can also have special requests and ask for nutritional advice.

How To Activate Freshology Coupons

You can save a lot when you buy any program by taking advantage of the many discounts offered. All you need to know are Freshology coupons/promo codes/discount codes and enter them on the checkout page. There are discounts for every program and all you need to do is ensure you have the correct code and you know the limitations of the code.