Save With Dukan Diet Coupon Codes

If you are trying to fork out some money to lose weight with the Dukan Diet, do you know that you can save a lot on this diet plan? Well, with the Dukan Diet coupons, promo codes or discount codes, you can enjoy pretty low prices on the diet plan and save money for other important things.

But What Really is the Dukan Diet?

Well, this is a protein-based diet plan designed by Pierre Dukan who is a French doctor and author. Pierre started working on the weight loss plan since 1975 when he was a general practitioner. He took a number of years to research on the topic then developed the plan and published a few books, all which can be found on his official website. Pierre’s goal is to help people lose weight with the diet plan which features four phases and 100 foods.

Phases and Foods

The four phases include: Attack, Cruise, Consolidation & Stabilization, and they have been the ground pillars of the weight loss plan. Each of the phases features some specific foods which the user has to eat if he/she is keen on losing weight.

The Attack phase requires you to eat 60 protein foods which kick-start your metabolism. You can lose 4.4-6.6 lb of weight within seven days if you keenly follow the eating rules of this phase. Since this phase aims to increase your metabolism, you can include some exercises which boost your body processes.

In the Cruise phase, you are required to continue eating protein foods together with some 28 vegetable foods. While this phase allows you to eat vegetables, it prohibits you from starchy and fatty foods like potatoes and avocado. Some “tolerated” foods are allowed in this phase, so you can choose the ones which you think can do you good. According to the diet plan, you can lose 2.2 lb of weight per week during this phase depending on your specific personal conditions.

Concerning the Consolidation phase, you are required to eat foods which do not add weight, such as bread, fruits and cheese. However, you need to eat two celebratory meals per week and also include some starchy foods. This phase is designed to help you avoid any massive weight gain during the program period.

When it comes to the Stabilization phase, you can eat what you want while following some rules to avoid gaining weight. The diet plan recommends you to eat protein once in a week and includes oat bran in your everyday meal. If you decide to eat carbohydrates, you should consider going for the ones with the recommended glycemic index (GI). According to Pierre, you should follow this phase for the rest of your life.

How To Activate Dukan Diet Discounts

As mentioned above, you can save money on the Dukan Diet with coupons, promo codes or discount codes. If you want to spend less on this diet plan, you need to look for these price deals and use them to purchase the plan. So how do you activate the Dukan Diet coupons? Well, you need to enter the coupon code on the checkout page. This, of course, will happen when ordering the product.