Counting Calories is Becoming Popular Again

The most popular post on this website is How I Lost 25 Pounds in One Month. Every day I get emails and comments from around the world regarding my method of losing weight by maintaining a positive attitude and being meticulous about what you eat.

I was sharing this information with my massage therapist last week and telling her how surprised I am at how many people call my basic calorie-counting plan, “new.” She explained to me, “Well, it’s new to us.” And hopefully, it’s about to get easier as well.

Our local paper printed an article this past weekend from the New York Times service, titled, “Counting calories becoming easier.” Let me tell you: THIS IS GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!

Due to popular demand and a couple of class-action lawsuits, more and more restaurant chains and food manufacturers are going to be displaying accurate, single-serving calorie counts right on the menu – next to the price. (Or on the front of the product.)

Imagine being able to walk into any restaurant and know exactly how many calories are in that meal #1, and making an informed decision about your health, without having to do a lot of research on the internet in advance – about time, I say. What’s more, legislation will require restaurants to display the accurate calorie count, and make adjustments if their recipe, preparation, or menu changes.

Just seeing those calories displayed openly will make nearly everyone think twice before ordering the cheapest item on the menu. (It is still true that eating healthfully is more expensive both at the grocery store and in the restaurant – but that’s another post!)

My greatest hope is that the outcome of this will be a healthier America and world. I know that at times it seems daunting to count calories and watch what we eat, but I also know that a lot of that is due to the fact that it is so difficult to find out exactly how many calories are in some of our favorite dishes, which makes it difficult to adjust our intake accordingly. This doesn’t mean we have to never have that favorite item again, which is what the restaurants have always been afraid of, it just means that we will “save” for it, or eat less at the next 3 meals. Of course, many of us do change how we eat forever once we become educated about food energy, but, as with everything in life, we have a right to make an informed choice.

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Live long and prosper!

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