Where to Buy Nutrisystem in Stores

Nutrisystem is one of the leading providers of weight loss products and services. Their diet plans offer those who want to lose or control their weight, meal plans that fit most budgets. They also offer support for those who need help or encouragement as they reach their dieting goals.

Most of the products offered by Nutrisystem are available on their website. Customers enroll with Nutrisystem and sign-up for a plan. They choose from a variety of meal and snack options, and receive meals covering a four week period. At the end of that period, they receive their next shipment.

Many people are looking for the benefits of dieting but are not willing to commit to purchasing all of their meals from the website. They are interested in having Nutrisystem be a part of their own meal plans. They want to know where to buy Nutrisystem in stores.

Nutrisystem Meals on Walmart.com

Nutrisystem offers many items for sale in grocery stores. Retailing giant Walmart has an exclusive arrangement with Nutrisystem to sell their 5 and 7 day meal kits. These packages cover breakfast, lunch and snack options for either 5 or 7 days. Nutrisystem will suggest what to prepare for dinner but it is up to the customer what to make.

Kit options include specialty kits for those who need a diabetic menu or who want additional protein. These specialty options cost more than their standard kit. It is worth noting that some of the meal options require produce, which will have to be purchased separately.

If a kit is not your thing and you want an a la carte option, your local grocery store has you covered. Shakes, various bars, entrees and desserts are all available at most chain grocery stores, such as Kroger’s. Some drugstore chains, such as CVS, carry bars and shakes.

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