The 5 Best Running Tanks for Summer

If you’re a runner like I am, you’re always trying new shirts, shorts, shoes, hats, hair accessories and more. It seems like every month someone comes out with the latest and greatest when it comes to running gear…..and I have to have it.

Wil always jokes that I’m obsessed with buying new workout clothes fairly frequently. My defense is plain and simple- I want to try new workout clothes that work and I want them to look good. More than looking good, I want them to function. I want it to be comfortable, I want it to do what it says it will do and I want it to last. There is nothing more frustrating than when you are out on a long run and you end up spending more time messing with your top, shorts or shocks, than focusing on the run itself.

A good piece of workout attire will always allow you to focus on the goal at hand- not make it difficult to get through the next 5 miles because your shirt is rubbing your arm in a weird spot.

Most of my summer was spent training for the Muncie Half Ironman and the rest of the summer I will focus on the Monumental Half Marathon taking place in November. That being said, I went through and picked out my five favorite tanks for the summer. I spent a lot of time and miles in these tanks and I can say they’ve passed my test. And, with the onset of Labor Day this weekend, I wanted to share these items with you in case you happen to get the shopping bug and want to head out in search of them.

So, read on to see how these tanks stack up against my qualifications for running hard, fast and also being super sweaty.

1. Lucy Pack and Dash Ultimate Tank

I recently tried Lucy for the first time when we were shopping at a mall out-of-town. I went into the store because I had heard good things about the brand. I immediately found the running section and came across this tank that was super light-weight and cute. I picked it up and then noticed the best part- all of the compartments! It has a ton of small pockets for gels, your phone, keys or credit cards. It also is folds up into a tiny pack that has as a clip- so you can take it anywhere!

What it’s best for: Long runs over 7 miles when you need to fuel or for when you’re out of town and need to carry items with you.

2. YMX Infinite Geometry Mesh Neck Tank

I came across YMX when a campaign opportunity arose via FitFluential. I had heard about the brand and was intrigued by their design, so I decided to give it a try. Boy am I glad I did. This tank is one of, if not the best, material I have ever come across for running. It is extremely light-weight due to the MadKool technology and is super comfy too. The material allows you to sweat, but still keeps you cool.

I also received a long-sleeve shirt to try and even though it was too hot to wear it outside, I was able to do my indoor weightlifting workouts in it. It kept me super cool and wasn’t too heavy like most long-sleeve fabrics. Not only is the fabric awesome, the story behind their design is pretty amazing too. Each product is designed to mimic a real-life tattoo. How cool? To learn more about their story, check it out here.

What it’s best for: Super hot and humid runs- any distance. Long-sleeve is best for yoga or runs when the temperature is a bit cooler.


3. Lululemon Swank Tank

I like Lululemon in general. I think their styles are cute and I like the fabric in most of their items. Since we don’t have a store near us, we rarely shop there unless we are out of town. I do have a few pairs of their running shorts that I have become accustomed to and I also like their tops for yoga. I also love their headbands, but that’s another post. I didn’t even consider wearing their running tops because they were a bit pricey, but I found one that I thought was super cute so I went ahead and bought it. The back is nice and open and it’s a very comfortable tank for running. It has a built-in bra so depending on how chesty you are, you may or may not be able to get away with not wearing a bra (I always wear one even if there’s a built-in bra). I like it for running and also for strength training due to the sweat wicking material.

What it’s best for: Shorter to mid-length runs- 2-5 miles.

4. Nike Solid Long Stretch Distance

I have been wearing Nike since I can remember. I actually remember my very first Nike running t-shirt. I was in the 7th grade and I had just started Cross Country. I was pretty quick and so I thought it would be funny to have a shirt that said so. My first Nike shirt was black and it said, “Wanna see how fast I am?” on the front, and on the back it said, “Wanna see it again?”. HA! I guess I thought it was cool back then. Now-days, I do really like the Nike fit for a lot of their running tanks. I’ve ran in Nike tanks for both of my marathons and a lot of my half marathons. They seem to fit well, wick away sweat and are pretty stylish. This solid stretch tank is comfy and is great for my long, warm runs.

What it’s best for: Long, warm runs- 8-18 miles.

5. C9 by Champion Women’s Cardio Tank

I love Target for a variety of reasons and lately they’ve really stepped up their athletic wear game. I really enjoy their tank tops for running and working out in general. One of my favorite brands that Target carries in Champion. Not only do they have great tanks, they also sell some pretty nice sports bras too. The good thing about this PowerTrain tank is that it not only is great for warm weather runs and workouts, it’s fairly inexpensive too. I have had my Champion tanks for probably longer than some of my other running tanks. This one in particular is very soft and yet still helps to remove sweat and keep you cool during hot runs or track workouts.

What it’s best for: Hot track workouts or shorter to mid-distance runs.

I would love to know what your favorite running tanks and tops are! Are you loyal to a specific brand or are you a serial runners top shopper? Let me know in the comments- I’m always willing to try running gear!

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