When does a luxury become a necessity?  This is the question I asked all day, everywhere I went yesterday.  I got some really good responses . . .


  • Never – the two terms are mutually exclusive.

  • When it’s chocolate!

  • Always – everyone needs a little luxury in their life.

  • When you’re rewarding yourself for a job well-done.

  • When you’re rewarding someone else for a job well-done.

  • When you want to let someone else know you love them.

  • When quality matters – sometimes what seems like a luxury is really an investment in quality.

  • When you want to show that you’ve reached a certain level of stature – social or economic.

  • Never – the two terms are mutually exclusive.  Embrace the fact that you’re indulging in a luxury and be proud of it!


I happen to agree with all of these since, you know, I’m just always so agreeable! And I could certainly add a few more like, but the one I’d really like to add since I didn’t hear it was “when you want to let your Spirit know you love her!”  (Or him.)


I’ve been a long-time believer in Steven Covey’s “Sharpen the Saw” concept.  I believe in it because I’ve personally had success with it.  In fact, I teach taking it one step further – don’t do anything until your saw is razor sharp!  Here is what I mean.


My mission, my passion, my reason for life, is to motivate, educate, and inspire others to be their best.  How do I do that?  Through my writing and speaking.  A “sharp saw” for me means to constantly be working on my writing and speaking skills.  This blog started as practice for my writing skills.  I can look back over posts from the beginning and get really embarrassed sometimes! 


I joined the National Speakers Association in order to have the resources necessary to sharpen my speaking skills.  I love being a member of that organization so much I can’t even express it in words – you’ll just have to trust me!  Naturally, being a member has helped me – I learned how to practice and how to get more speaking engagements so that I can practice – definitely a saw sharpener. 


But there’s something else – some other ingredient for my ultimate success that I have – to “sharpen,” and that is my spirit.  You see, I’ve learned that I cannot motivate, educate, and inspire others, until I am motivated, educated, and inspired myself.


If I sit down to write a post but my vibes are not pretty high, it’s basically a waste of time.  I end up starting over, or throwing the idea out all together.  Usually, if I’m not vibrating with my source energy, it’s not a very good topic anyway.  I’ve had times when I was feeling really good, wrote a post that I thought was not very well-written, but had tons of comments and compliments on it. Why is that?  Because somehow, you (the reader) can feel the energy coming through when you read it.  David Hooper says, “Everything you create is infused with your energy,” and based on my experience, he’s absolutely correct.


In fact, once I figured this out several months ago, once I noticed the connection, I made a promise to myself and to the universe that I would not write, create a speech, a seminar, or anything else for that matter, unless I was in a good mood, connected to source, and high vibe-in’ it!


If I’m feeling stressed or burnt out, my posts are sometimes “late.”  I try to post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6 AM EST.  But if I’m not feeling it, I figure you’d rather wait for something good than settle for something dull.  I believe that if I write when I’m in a bad mood, or even a non-chalant mood, you’ll feel that when you read my post.  Why would I want to pass on a low vibration like that?  I wouldn’t.  So I don’t.  And I certainly would not want to pass that on in a keynote speech or seminar.  In fact, I’m wondering what the world would be like if everyone became aware of this fact – that we pass on our vibrations in every interaction we have with others – and started to deliberately make certain that we were always in a good mood when dealing with others.  Hmmmm.  But that’s another post!  Back to luxury versus necessity.


See, I’ve had many writers and speakers tell me that to be in a good mood when you write or speak is a luxury.  I agree.  But they go on to say that it’s not necessary.  I disagree.  It’s a luxury you simply cannot afford to omit if you’re going to make a positive difference in this world.


So my main luxury, every day, is my Self MEI time.  MEI – Motivation, Education, Inspiration.  I love it; it’s part of my morning ritual; I don’t start my day without it any more that I would drive to work without first taking a shower and getting dressed.  It’s my way of sharpening the most important part of my saw.


Steve Pavlina wrote a similar article back in 2004 and I like the way he explains what I’m trying to say here.  Steve goes on to point out that just taking a break or time off isn’t good enough; you need to do something with that time to improve your performance. 


Keep in mind that when I talk about “success” and “performance”, I’m not even talking about success in your career; I’m talking about your personal life-experience success – whatever that means to you.  It can be, and I hope it is, related to the work you’ve chosen to do, but your ultimate success (happiness) in life is what matters most.


I’ll be discussing this in great detail in my up-coming retreat.  Knowing the content, I can confidently say that my “Wake Up and Create the Life You Want Retreat” is a necessary luxury, and I hope to see you there.


Until next time,

Live Joyfully!

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