We’ve all been there; you know you need to think positively in order to achieve your dreams; you want to be in a good mood; you don’t want to be depressed, blah, or a downer to others, but for whatever reason you just can’t shake the negative thoughts that keep running through your mind.  They don’t even make sense – you’re daydreaming about things that likely will never happen.  You’re good at catching yourself, you even think, “Why would I want to create that – stop it!”  But the negative thoughts keep coming.


Can you relate?


I can.


Everyone goes through those spells from time to time. Maybe it’s a temporary chemical imbalance, not enough exposure to sunshine, or something else entirely and something we have no awareness of, but whatever the cause, I have a few solutions for you.


I recently went through a spell like this over the weekend.  It was one of those situations where your husband suspects he did something wrong, but has no idea what.  Then when he asks, “Have I done something wrong,” you want to respond with, “No!  Oh my God!  Does everything have to be about you?  Can’t I just be in a bad mood without it having anything to do with you?  Good grief, grow up already!”


Luckily, when he asked me this weekend, I was able to control my reaction and reassured him, kindly and gently, that I was simply in a bad mood, he did nothing wrong, and then I confessed that I really didn’t know what was wrong with me. 


I’m sure you’ve been there.  You have nothing to complain about, nothing’s wrong, but things just don’t feel right either.


At first I blamed it on our weather, but truthfully, that didn’t make sense because usually when it rains, I write really well.  On the other hand, we did get ice, not snow, not rain, ice, so maybe that was the difference.  I also had a severe sinus headache that no amount of over-the-counter medication would knock out.  Whatever it was, I had no control over it, but I know that I have control over my thoughts and was determined to turn my mood around.  Here’s what I did and suggest that you try the next time you find yourself with persistent negative thoughts.


  1. Watch a good movie.  I mean, a good movie.  Something that will capture and keep your attention.  This serves as a distraction and as long as your thoughts are not negative, you’re on the right path.  However, if the movie is bad and you’re sitting there thinking, “Oh, this is so predictable.  I’m so old.  I’ve seen every movie ever made.  Is this how the rest of my life is going to be . . .”  - you need to choose a different movie.  Comedies are usually good since anything that makes you laugh should put you in a good mood, but again, it can’t be too lame.  I saw Fool’s Gold  this weekend and it was the perfect distraction, despite the not-so-great reviews.  The tropical setting of the movie was a much welcomed relief from the snow and ice we’d been having and I didn’t find the plot predictable at all.  I came out of the movie feeling much better than when I went in so, mission accomplished! 


  2. Engage in physical tasks.  Now, it can’t be just any physical tasks, everyday chores might put you in an even worse mood.  Try tackling a project that will require a new set of skills or brainpower.  I installed new window fixtures and curtains in my home office.  That’s normally something we pay someone else to do, but I thought I’d give a try and lo and behold, it worked!  It provided a nice distraction, got my mind off my headache, and made me feel like I’d conquered a new domain. 


  3. Daydream.  What I’m talking about here is actually practicing, like an art, daydreaming from a positive perspective.  Use your imagination to visualize something great happening to you.  Maybe your biggest dream is coming true, or you’re winning the lottery.  Pick anything but try to make this exercise run for about 15 minutes.  I utilized this technique as I was falling asleep one night and it helped tremendously both with falling asleep, and my thoughts and feelings the next day.  I’ve added this practice to my morning ritual; it serves as a protective covering, like a sealant on a tooth if you will, for my thoughts, and sets the tone for my day.


There is great power in thinking and feeling positively on a regular basis.  Don’t underestimate it, and don’t let a nagging headache, the weather, or general malaise get control over you.


Until next time,

Live Joyfully!


Today I have some additional pearls for your consumption:


Wendy Wallace at DesireToGrow.com interviewed me a couple of weeks ago for her online course.  She has graciously allowed me to post the audio for my readers, so if you’re interested, you can download it here.  I highly recommend Wendy’s program; I believe everyone would learn a lot from it, and there’s a money-back guarantee so you risk nothing but have everything to gain. 


Jennifer Kumar at  AlaiVani.com interviewed me last week for her “Website Wednesday” regular post.  Jennifer has become one of my favorite bloggers with great content and insights.  You can read the results of that interview here.  Thanks, Jennifer!


Finally, a reader inspired by my post, How I Lost 25 Pounds in One Month, wanted to share with all of you the Excel spreadsheet she created to monitor her caloric intake.  Click here to download Monica’s 30-Day Food Diary.  What a great tool - thanks, Monica!

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