Greetings from Detroit, Michigan!  As my regular readers know, my husband and I have been on vacation this week in the grand country of Canada.  We started in Niagara Falls, proceeded to Algonquin Park, and have now come back to the states through Port Huron and are visiting friends and family in Detroit.

I deliberately did not post much this week knowing that I would be more than making up for it by hosting’s Carnival of Healing today.  I got hooked on several years ago with an article about how to decorate a Christmas tree!  After that, I found the website to be a tremendous resource on all sorts of topics.

Phylameana lila Désy’s Holistic Healing site has been a fabulous resource for me in learning about various natural and total wellness methodologies.  I do not remember how I first landed on her portion of the site, but it probably had something to do with Chakra cleansing.

I’d like to thank last week’s host, Jenn Givler, at Thriving Business, for including my submission and for her wonderful comments about my site.  Jenn has some wonderful insights on marketing that would help any entrepreneur.

Now, without further ado, allow me to introduce the articles for this week’s Carnival of Healing.  I am listing them in the order they came to me, so please go all the way to the end – some of my favorites are there!

First up, Astrid Lee at gives us the first in her series of Healing Myths.  Do you use past wounds as an excuse to not succeed?  Find out how to recognize this self-limiting behavior and how to overcome it at Myths About Healing #1.  I am looking forward to the rest of this series as well!  Thanks, Astrid!

Have you ever read something so inspiring you wanted to share it with the world?  At, Gustav shares an article from the Saturday Evening Post.  Happiness Comes From Spiritual Wealth reminds us of a very important truth.

Taking a more clinical turn now, if you have or know a child with learning challenges, or if you are just interested in becoming more aware of how the human brain works, you’ll want to read this article at SharpBrains.comWorking Memory Training from a Pediatrician Perspective, Focused on Attention Deficits  Alvaro Fernandez interviews Dr. Arthur Lavin, who has devised a very promising program to help kids with attention deficits.

Dr. Deb offers a nice balance of a to-the-point summary on why it’s important to have positive friends, with a link to a clinical study if you want all the details.  Check out her article, The Vicious Circle of Misery and Company.

The Urban Monk brings us a very attention-grabbing story and detailed article explaining the use of an often suppressed emotion.  I’ll let you figure out what it is for yourself – it won’t take you long - and I’m positive you’ll be able to relate to it.  Read, The elusive key to emotional mastery: Is it really that simple?, to learn how to heal your wounds in this area.

Is fear over-rated? Tupelo Kenyon says, “We do it to ourselves. Fear has no reality other than our attention to it. Deliberately steer your attention to pictures in your imagination that emphasize what you want to happen – (instead of what you most dread) . . . and the fear dissipates.”  To learn more, read Facing Fear with Deliberate Awareness.  Enjoy soothing instrumental music as you read plus songs with lyrics related to each article – all free.  Great site!

For a quick, uplifting read on obtaining success, check out, The Feeling of Success.  I love the first analogy used in this article, and there are many other short, but insightful articles as well.

Offering some very practical advice and a few things you’ve probably never heard of before, Andre du Plessis has compiled a list of 20 weight-loss tips, articles, and links in Weight Loss Tips.  Check it out!

Now, Nneka brings us a refreshingly light, yet deep, (I supposed that would make it, uh-hem, balanced), article titled, I Am In LoveThis is a must-read!!!

This next article was an eye-opener for me.  When I first saw the submission for Three Benefits From Lifting Your Bai Hui Point, I thought . . . okay, never mind what I thought!  Wanting to give each and every article a chance, I decided to read the article and was delightfully surprised.  Talk about healing!  I performed the exercises recommended at the end and, as a result, can feel a definite improvement in my scoliosis condition.  I believe everyone would benefit from this technique.

Dianne over at Ballet Shoes and Pointe Shoes gives a young girl some insightful advice from a personal perspective in Weight Loss, and Exercise.  What I liked about this article is that it’s advice from someone who is living it, teaching it, and loving it.  Thanks, Dianne!

Finally, Christy brings us, I Am Open to God’s Love and Abundance!, which, ironically, seems to be a perfect ending to this Carnival of Healing.

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s carnival and got some useful gems, I know I sure did.  Be sure to check out next week’s carnival, which is being hosted by Cindy Hebbard, at Wisdom of  Cindy has hosted the carnival before and has a jewel of a site on various wellness issues.

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