When I began reading over the articles for this week’s carnival I became concerned about finding a common theme.  I know I’m not required to find a theme, it’s just one of my, well, anal-retentive traits.  However, about half-way through putting the carnival together, I realized that instead of finding a traditional theme to do with healing, what I was experiencing was an amazing collection of articles educating us about wellness.


Many of this week’s authors chose to share personal testimonies, some are utilizing their academic prowess, but all are teaching us something about health, wellness, spirituality, or self-empowerment.  With that theme in mind, I’ve included only articles that are told from a personal vantage point, or that are extremely unique in a beneficial way.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed preparing it for you!




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Food, Diet and Exercise

Dr Martin W. Russell

“I Can Make You Thin” by Paul McKenna - A Review

I love it when someone takes a naysayer and negates their argument!  Dr. Russell’s review of Paul McKenna’s book is not only a helpful review of the book, but also explains why the theory works, how he has seen it work, and even some extra tips on how to make it work for you.  It doesn’t get much better than that!

Food, Diet and Exercise

Semi-Charmed Wife

Fat is Not a Feeling

A powerful article and personal perspective on a three-word phrase that most of us women use much too often. 

Food, Diet and Exercise

Deb Bixler

Easy Macaroni And Cheese

Another nice break, but right on topic!  I’m going to try this, Deb, thank you!

Food, Diet and Exercise

Jennifer Kumar

“Sattvic” Food

For an educational exploration of the Vedic (ancient Hindu) philosophies of food in our daily lives, read this post, as well as the rest in the series. 


Food, Diet, and Exercise


Intermittent Fasting - Gain Lean Mass and Lose the Fat

A very helpful and informative article about a much misunderstood concept.  I’m thinking about trying this myself.  Eric’s personal experience definitely adds to the validity of this theory.

Self Empowerment

Craig Harper

The Non-Optional Stuff

Here’s an article that’ll make you stop and think!  Craig asks, “Why do so many of us who want to get in shape (whatever that means for us individually) fail to do so, even though we know exactly what to do, and why we should do it?”  Being the wonderful person that he is, he gives us the answer as well. 

Self Empowerment


Better Sorry than Safe

The title of this article intrigued me and while it does seem counter-intuitive, I agree 100% - much better sorry than safe.  You’ll have to read the article to find out what we’re talking about.

Self Empowerment

Gayathri Moosad

Life Energy Mapping

I love this exercise and can hardly wait to do it!  Find out where your energy is going and get control of it to become the energetic person you want to be.  Awesome!

Self Empowerment

Astrid Lee, Reiki Master

How To Be The Best You

The first in a six-part series that I can’t wait to finish!  Thanks, Astrid – always great stuff!

Self Empowerment

SJ Yee

101 Affirmations You Can Start Using Today!

This truly is an amazing set of powerful affirmations.  I think my Abraham-Hicks fans will agree that SJ has “reaching for the better-feeling thought,” down pat!


David Bohl

What Does It REALLY Mean to Live in the Moment?

David writes good stuff.  In this post, he reminds us of the power of NOW saying, “Many of us live most of our lives in the past or future, missing out entirely on the present moment.”


Lorraine Cohen

Whispers & Kisses From God

The power of gratitude wrapped up with a bow on it!  You’ll have to read the article to get it, and oh, is it ever worth it!  Excellent, Lorraine – thanks for sharing this.


Brendon McPhillips

Meaning of Life: Who are You and Why are You Here?

Neale Donald Walsch fans will applaud Brendon’s understanding and personal supposition on the meaning of life.


Julie Meyer

Acupuncture Points: In-between Spaces and Gateways to Non-Linear Time

Julie is a true writer; an acupuncturist by trade perhaps, but a talented writer at heart.  This article had me linking events she didn’t even mention and that only happens with truly inspired authors! Check it out and see if it does the same for you!

Spirituality - Reiki


Healing Hands

For a wonderful story about the healing power of Reiki, check out this article. 

Spirituality - Reiki



A good introduction to, and educational article about, Reiki.



Home Remedies for Age Spots

Here are some great tips on preventing and dealing with Age spots and freckles.  Aparna says, “Age spots can appear on any skin that has been exposed to the sun, such as the back of the hands, face, feet and back. They are extremely common during and after middle age and are an indication of free radical intoxication.”


Madeleine Begun Kane

Temper, Temper

A bit of humor, a nice break, and a fun challenge.  Check out this post for a nice change of pace! Thank you, Madeleine!


Ananga Sivyer

5 Ways to Hold On to Your Energy

I was excited to read this post as I, like many of you, struggle with keeping my physical energy level up with my inner being.  Knowing Ananga to be an excellent source of information, I dug in with high hopes and was not disappointed.  I enjoyed the linked articles as well and felt better just after having read the post.  What hit me the hardest?  “Sit down when you eat,” which I read just after gulping down a BLT while standing and pacing in my hotel room!  Great job, as always, Ananga!


Chris Edgar

How “Mood Swings” Can Lead Us To Inner Peace

Chris brings us a very well-written and informative post about embracing our emotions, from the author’s personal perspective.  I love it when someone teaches us from their own experience.  Thanks for sharing this, Chris, you’ll help many others people.


Howard Ditkoff

Discussing, Understanding & Publicizing an Under-Recognized Epidemic

Borderline Personality Disorder can wreak havoc on families and relationships.  Howard shares personal evidence as well as great research on this under-recognized yet growing epidemic.


Louise Pool

Kundalini yoga left nostril breathing for insomnia

Something new for this insomniac to try – I love it!  If this works for me, I’m going to blog about it in a couple of weeks – I’ll let you know–


Malia Russell

Low Energy?

Malia is giving personal testimony to a couple of products that she has tried and is selling on her website.  Good for you, Malia.  I might try the Bee Strong after a little more research.  Thanks for letting us know about it!


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Live Joyfully!


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