The Meaning of TEAM

Mark Victor Hansen defines “TEAM” as “Together Everyone Accomplishes Miracles.” 

Last week I wrote about the Six Dysfunctions of the Dental Team.  Let’s take a look at how a great team works together to accomplish miracles, and interacts with one another to maintain peace and harmony among the group.

1. In fully functional, highly productive dental teams, each member behaves professionally at all times.  She knows that if someone hurts her feelings it was probably unintentional and gives that person the benefit of the doubt until she can address the situation in private.

2. Team members have and outwardly show compassion for one another.  If someone is having a bad day or gets behind, everyone chips in and does whatever is necessary to keep the dentist and the patients happy.

3. Team members trust each other, and make certain they can be trusted.  If asked to do something they are uncomfortable with, they make it known immediately, explaining why the discomfort exists, and what they are willing to do instead.  They make these feelings known as politely as possible to show compassion and trust, and to exhibit professionalism.

4. Team members truly care about the practice and the patients that support it.  They understand that the patient is their real boss and make special effort to make the patients comfortable.  They are attentive to the patient at all times and know that patient education is imperative to a successful practice.

5. Members of functional dental teams have self-respect as well as respect for others.  If they sense a problem in this area, they confront it on their own time and with their own resources.  They seek help for their own issues, and confront issues with other team members or the dentist in order to eliminate problems in this area.

6. Great teams come to work with the attitude that the only thing that matters for the next 8-9 hours is accomplishing today’s goal – whatever that is.  Everything else can be dealt with after 5:30.  These team members appreciate having something to focus on other than their personal problems, that also allows them to contribute to their community and make a living in the process.

Great dental teams know that if they focus on the results they want, they will achieve the results they want; interpersonal problems disappear because there is no reward for them anymore.  Rewards follow miracles.

Questions?   Comments?  I’d love to hear from anyone with any experience in this area.

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